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proportion Glamor Body

Hip Onahole by Aizam Japan
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The Proportion Glamor Body is a mini Torso Onahole made by Aizam Japan. Featuring plump tits, thighs, ass and camel toe to squeeze and grope, she is simply pure fun to play with. But of course, the central attraction of this large-size pocket pussy is her penetrable hole. Consisting of a 3D inner tunnel with outer walls made up of bumps, nubs and ridges, this male masturbator will provide serious pleasure to your penis. Open up her hole and you'll see an invitingly realistic-looking set of colours and textures that add to the overall experience. Weighing a sturdy 1400 Grams, and made from Aiazam's industry-leading sex toy materials, the Proportion Glamor Body Onahole is a deeply enticing sex toy. Use her body for your pleasure and make your future masturbation sessions special.

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Brand: Aizam JapanFeeling: VaginalFantasy / Genre: Chubby GirlHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: DoubleUsability: ReusableFirmness: RegularHow many Holes: 1Weight: 1400g (3.09lbs)Length: 220mm (8.66in)Width: 170mm (6.69in)Depth: 100mm (3.94in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: Jul 31, 2019Product Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 6/27/2023

    Perfect for girthy guys

    Owner of 20 of the widest, loosest and most realistic onaholes, FLs and other masturbators on the market. So far, "Proportion" is clearly the winner. In terms of looseness, this small hip masturbator is on par with the loosest sleeves out there. The crucial advantage of Proportion is the additional tunnel depth and added weight which keeps in place without holding it. No smell. The mild intensity texture has excellent lube retention. If a condom is used, the sensation is rather close to a real aroused vagina. No particularly unrealistic tunnel features apart from a slight ridge at the very bottom. Overall an excellent product for large guys and guys that appreciate realism.

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  • | 4/12/2023

    Overall good, but might not be for everyone.

    It's definitely smaller than it seems, though this also is my first Japanese T̶r̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶P̶u̶s̶s̶y̶ Onahole and my second overall, so maybe that's actually Big. || It however is quite soft at the Body with somewhat firm Hips and Breasts, the Hole itself is ???????????????? soft but not so soft as that you don't feel anything. || The Durability is what you'd expect from a Material this soft, as long as you don't grip or pull on it too hard you can pound as hard as you want, even jiggles a little, could probably even use it in Missionary or while standing if you put in on anything at PP Height as long as you're not Über-Forcefull. || For many just being presented raw Data doesn't help to actually visualize the Size of something, so to help with that i'm going to use 500ml/16oz Cans as the Reference as the Diameter of those is the Same in most Places, including Europe and the U.S. with the Length only being off at about 2.5cm/1". || This Hole comes in at roughly 4 Cans laid next to each other in both Width and Length and has the Weight of 3 Cans. || This has the Benefit that it comfortably fits bigger Penises too, i'm at around 17.5cm/6.8" in Length and 15cm/5.9" in Circumference at Condom Size 68/3" Nominal Width and had no Issues or Difficulties getting and staying in. || The Texturing starts right at the Front and goes through the entire Hole, so Penis Length won't be a Problem, tough this also means that someone with a below-average Circumference might not have the best Time with this one, which brings me to the Criticisms. || Personally i would've preferred the actual Penetrable Hole to be a little tighter, the Profile a little firmer and more aggressive and the sucktion stronger as well as bigger and softer Boobs, though all of this is just personal preference, the following sadly isn't. || Overall it is modeled and colored quite nicely, however mine had several popped Air Bubbles on the Spine, Thighs, Boobs and Underboobs that will probably turn into larger Craters over Time, was not Powdered and incredibly oily with a Smell of Car Cooling Liquid or of a Car with full Polymer Interior and cheap fake Leather Seats, parked in the sunniest Spot in the Parking lot which made all of that heat up for two Hours, to the Point of me actually worrying whether or not i should touch it or God forbid shove my raw Manhood in there, which lead me to clean it with specialized Onahole Soap i ordered with it, after which both the Oilyness and the Smell didn't disappear. || Those are things i wouldn't expect from what is advertised as a high-quality Japanese Product at 90€ (~100 USD) excluding import Costs, especially when my first Hole overall, a 25€ (~27 USD) Chinese Hole that was giftet to me didn't have these Issues. || However looking at how others rated it, i'm going to assume that this was just an unfortunate Misproduction and not the Norm.

    ... view more
  • | 12/10/2022

    So fun !

    The proportions are generous ! Really nice tits. The entrance hurt me a bit at first... My favorite is still the " Unreal Lady " by Magic Eyes, she's softer ;) But this one is fun.

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  • | 10/15/2022

    A Glamourous Body to Behold...

    Oh boy, this one is a BIG GIRL for sure, she weighs in at 1400G's and she's a big sized one for sure! The body is a nice contoured body of what a near level of a chubby but fit kinda gal. The Hole inside can extend up to at least 9 ~ 10 inch members for sure and her durability is quite impressive, the hole can satiate generously for sure and the body is super soft. The breasts on the toy is also a bonus for a bit of paizuri for the fans/newbies of that fetish. It does cater to ONE hole , so don't let the detailed butthole fool you! It's all Vaginal and some form of paizuri for sure. You can one hand her if want, if you have the hand that can fit the GIRTH of this toy. All in All, she's pretty good, the price is mostly well-earned at the weight she gives and the oomph she can take. Definitely a buy for most large onahole fans alike!

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  • | 10/10/2021

    feels really good

    nice and small easy to handle with one hand but big enough to tit fuck

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