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Puni Mitsu Soft

by EXE
Maid themed Puni Ana Soft Pocket Pussy
Brand EXE
The Puni Mitsu Soft Onahole is the soft type version of these sexy maid-theme male masturbators by EXE Japan. This cute maid loves nothing more than rubbing and buffing your gear into a satisfyingly shiny finish. The soft version offers a gentler experience than the standard one, making it perfect for those who may be more sensitive or just want a longer-lasting enjoyable session. Her pussy is hidden behind a cute plump camel toe that feels amazing to penetrate. Once inside your member will be washed over with a spiralling set of pleasurable soft nubs that polish and wax your shaft until you reach a creamy climax. As this sex toy is part of EXE's popular Puni Ana range, you can be sure that it is highly pleasurable while also being easy-to-maintain and durable. The marvellous maid artwork on the box is drawn by Maruku who is a well-know Japanese artist - making this box a must-have for any box collectors.

The Puni Mitsu Soft Sex Toy Features:
  • part of Exe's famous Puni Ana series
  • Maid Theme
  • Soft-Type
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 430 Grams
  • Dimensions: 165 x 79 mm
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 12/24/2020

    really good

    Really good quality! It is great for longer sessions as its not overly stimulating like some harder toys. It is soft but you can still feel all the little nubs inside clearly.

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  • | 2/19/2020

    Once in a while HIT for soft market

    Feeling ★★★★☆ 4+/5 If you are unsure or had bad experience with soft hole, aim for standard one instead. First I have to say that myself is focused on soft product, so my review might not reflect opinion of other regular users. It was hard to search for (real) good soft product, I mean "real" because some were labeled "soft" but they're not, those are actually marketed toward regular user. There were a lot of MISS and some HIT. This one Puni Mitsu Soft is actually HIT. For package, don't dare "Package remove" this, maid illustration was MOE! And was done by same artist who did Puni Ana and OtonaJP mascot (Coco). You can easily cut front panel out and make decent stand-up desk display with it. ⌾ The hole itself is medium size so it can do some compression. ⌾ Entrance is good, it can do air tight and can make vacuum sound on other end. ⌾ Skin not too coarse and pattern is not to big, it offer light stimulation, not overwhelming. (Which is whole point for soft product) With these 3 key points check, this one passed my QC check as soft hole. (Tip) On very first several use, even initially washed with soap, residue powder/oil will seep out and mix with lube, which will make lube less effective. You will have to let it work out for several use until material gets to stable point.

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