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Pure Bride Idealism

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Hentai Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Beautiful Bride themed Torso masturbator

Magic Eyes has finally brought their Bride themed Onaholes to a large size with the Pure Bride Idealism Onahole. While their regular sized Onaholes have been already beyond good in feeling and quality, the Pure Bride Idealism really offers a whole new level of realism and pleasure. The nearly life size Torso is a beautiful Bride to enjoy in all the Glory of her stunning Body. Her Vagina and butt cheeks can hardly be rivaled when it comes to shape and realism. Her Tits are a wonderful handful and playing with them while you enjoy her private parts is a real treat for sure. The inside has been made with a dual layer material that leaves nothing to wish for when it comes to stimulation and realism. Entering the Pure Bride Idealism Onahole you will surely be convinced to be with that young Bride in bed on your Honeymoon trip cause it just feels so real. The inner bone structure even adds to the incredible level of realism and makes the Pure Bride Idealism steady in any love position you prefer. Complimentary has Magic Eyes included a pack of high quality lubricant.

The Pure Bride Idealism male sex toy by Magic Eyes features
  • Nearly Life Size Torso masturbator
  • beautiful Bride themed Body
  • highly realistic Dual Layer material
  • perfectly shaped Young Bride Body
  • Perky Handful Tits and a nice round ass to hold on
  • perfect to enjoy in any position
  • Onahole weight about 5800 Grams / Dimensions 460x255mm
  • comes with complimentary lubricant

Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Hip Onahole, Scaled Sex Doll


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