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Real Onahole

Hip Onahole by EXE
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Product Type: Hip Onahole, Virgin Onahole

2000Grams volumy Hip Onahole! Including a cute panty.

  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2000 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: -


8 Customer Reviews for Real Onahole

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by Brandon July 3, 2018
A great starter hip

An excellent toy, and well worth the price. My first hip, and I can highly recommend this one to anyone else looking to get started with one.

by Brandon July 2, 2018
A great starter hip

A great toy at a great price. My first hip, and definitely worth giving it a go.

by idkman June 10, 2018
good hip, but airpocket/bubble?

Hip is nice and all, and after 2-3 uses there was suddenly a 3rd hold inside the vag? I'm not a rough user, so this seems weird. Its kinda weird to use now, since if my donger gets into that small airpocket/bubble it kinda destroysthe sensaiton a little bit, looking away from that though, the first time i used it, it was really good.

by Koppoman May 20, 2018
Good starter

This hip is definitely a good starter. Has some weight on it and feels pretty good. Not a stimulating as others but definitely gets the job done. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a starter hip. Can't beat the price.

by dank April 15, 2018
good hip for the price

So far it seems to work pretty good, i've only gotten to test it out two times, but it has definitely been a good two times. The weight of it really adds "realism" to it. Both holes feel good, the anal is slightly tighter than the vag hole. Definitely worth it for the price, but lube is not included, no problem though since you can add a free 120ml of lube to your order.

by Quack January 14, 2017
Fun to have

Not bad for 6000 yen. You get 2 holes to poke, feels pretty good, easy to clean, you get red colouring on the inside and a panty; which is nice.

by Kris November 16, 2016
Very nice onahole

The price for this onahole is very good and the feel of it is decent. I also like that you could use the other hole which I think is a plus for me

by Anon October 2, 2016
Decent cheap hip

Fun cheap slab of flesh that's easy to clean. Made for doggy style but I like to flip it over if I'm using the anal hole. Easy to clean with both holes leading to a lone exit hole, just flush through under water. For more fun, stuff the exit hole during use and you will get a nice suction effect.

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