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Rika Mari Mini Gokujo Namagoshi Ultimate Hip

Hip Onahole by NPG
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Maker NPGSimulation VaginalFantasy JAV (Pornstar)Hole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 2Product Weight 2500g (5.51lbs)Length/Height 180mm (7.09in)Width 190mm (7.48in)Depth 125mm (4.92in)Lotion included Yes Release 2020Product Type Hip Onahole

Made by the JAV star male masturbator specialists, NPG, the Rika Mari Mini Gokujo Namagoshi Ultimate Hip brings you the gorgeous ass and pussy of top Japanese porn star Rika Mari. This splendid tribute to Rika's hips allows you to experience her snug warm and wet pussy or her tight and intense anal passage. Both of Rika's inner love tunnels are veiled in soft realistic textures that soothe and stroke your length as you penetrate her. But, of course, a JAV star replica toy wouldn't be complete without an inviting pair of pussy lips to entice and guide you inside her deep tunnel, and the Rika Mari Mini Gokujo Namagoshi Ultimate Hip features a superb set. The shape and size of this hip masturbator also allow it to be used easily in both missionary and doggy style positions for hours upon hours of JAV star fun.

User Reviews

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  • | 10/31/2022

    Great Quality For Great Price

    Very satisfied with my purchase. If you take care of it, dry it properly, it will last you quite a while. Some onaholes cost just as much and are no where close to the same quality.

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  • | 6/9/2022

    To soft, not worth it

    Way to soft, barely fells a thing. Not worth it

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  • | 1/19/2022

    Beautiful Bargain

    Wow, just wow. This thing is 2.5kg of pure joy. It looks absolutely fantastic with an incredible amount of detail but I expected no less from NPG. The orifices are pleasing to look at and inviting and the feel is just the right amount of softness. Both holes are incredible and the uterus at the end of the vagina tunnel is a nice touch especially. For the price paid, this is a serious bargain. Although technically a 'mini hip' this thing is a lot bigger than I expected but still small enough to store discretely if needed. Only downsides are that the bigger size means it's a bit more hassle to clean of course and your arms may get tired if trying to use like a regular onahole due to the weight. Overall though, I'm pretty happy.

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  • | 12/19/2020

    The "Ultimate hip"

    The Rika Mari Mini Gokujo Namagoshi Ultimate Hip is one of the most fantastic hip based onaholes I have possessed. As the manufacturer, NPG is famous for its high quality onaholes, therefore you are certainly guaranteed to having a well worth investment in purchasing this hip. The box itself holds very nice cover pictures of Rika Mari as well as pictures internal holes (vaginal and anal). Within the box you are provided with a one-use lube, and the hip itself. As my second hip this has been a huge upgrade from the previous being a relatively cheaper and single layered onaholes. The material of the outside of the onaholes has a very nice feel and is very durable, the inner layers on the other hand are a lot softer but are also durable. In my time of keeping this hip over the past 6 months, it has suffered no damage at all as there are no tears and no mould. Firstly, the stimulation and intensity you are greeted by the internal layers of both holes are amazing. I often find myself switching between the two due to the difference of stimulation I get from using the holes. The vaginal hole is highly stimulating and mildly intense as its long chamber takes you in for a ride. The Anal hole while being relatively shorter in length than that of the vaginal hole is extremely stimulating and intense allowing for a completely different sensation to that of the vaginal hole. In my honest opinion, Rika Mari Mini Gokujo Namagoshi Ultimate Hip is definitely the best investment I have had as it allows for a lot of roleplay and flexibility normal onaholes cannot provide being some what of a collector’s item or a fetish which some may enjoy. I would rate this as a solid 5/5 based on how well made, packaged, and stimulating this hip is.

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  • | 5/28/2020

    Thank you for fast delivery

    This 2.5kg is heavy enough you can feel its weight and strong enough to resister from tearing and damaging. Internal parts is very perfect and well pressurize

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