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Ritopuri - Little Princess

by Onagan
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2100 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 180x225x130mm

Maker: Onagan
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User Reviews

6 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 6/3/2022

    Don't waste your money.

    After paying just shy of 200 dollars for this thing including shipping costs, I can definitely say this was not worth the price. The vaginal hole feels mostly uninteresting and the opening is pretty wide, making initial penetration nothing exciting. The anal hole feels much better, but I definitely would be enjoying this more if the toy we're sturdier. Tore the anal hole on my second use. The whole toy is also pretty floppy and could use some sort of skeletal structure like other toys in this price range. Does not feel nearly as good as the puni ana DX I also have. Would not recommend.

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  • | 10/30/2020

    both holes are really good but sadly quality problem

    I'm average length but it still got a small 4cm tear between the anal hole and vagina hole, honestly it's not that bad but that flaw makes the toy a bit overpriced in my opinion, if it was $80 okay but at this price there shouldn't be any quality issues, a customer paying this much does not want a product that will tear after the first few uses. I hope they fix this in the future if they release a new version of this. Other than that the hip itself is good quality, no damage on any other parts, I really like the size and the weight it really feels like you are doing it with the character on the box. But I still recommend going with another hip because of the tear issue.

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  • | 12/21/2018

    Almost too small

    First off, +1 to the box art. Heart-pounding to get through customs, but the extra little detail like where it suggests you fold it out and fuck the hip under it is great. It comes in a bag and plastic support, tiny little stick of lube, and the toy. Smells okay, chemically but sweet. The lips were stuck together so it was almost like a hymen, very nice. There's the square marks, like everyone mentions. The top of the hip saves in, which is a little worrying. First time using it, it split because of an air bubble between the two layers of material. I tried soldering it back together with little success. It's ridiculously tight and feels amazing--both holes--but I feel like it rips each time you use it, even though I'm average length and below average girth. It's definitely a hell of an experience, but I can't say how long it'll last.

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  • | 9/17/2018

    Pretty Nice

    This is a very pretty hip with great feeling whether you're in the vagina or ass, it doesn't matter. Only downside is it's a bit on the fragile side. After a few uses i noticed tearing near the top of the vagina and the bottom of the anus. I've had to be quite careful when getting into it but besides that it's a very good hip.

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  • | 8/2/2018

    Overall great product.

    Overall the feel and the weight is good, It IS a bit fragile and as for me personally, it took slight damage on second use. The overall structure is very squishy and could use reenforcement like the Puni Ana series hips/bodies.

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  • | 5/16/2018

    Oh damn!

    I couldn't wait till it arrived. The hip is great, I'm in love with her. I only have used onaholes up till now, but (heavier) hips are just next level. The vagina is nice and provides enough stimulation. The a-hole is pretty realistic, usually its just a tight opening and a boring straight tunnel. This hole is really great as well, it is a little tighter than the vagina and provides a different stimulation. Overall, a really awesome hip, it is worth every penny.

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