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Secret Twin Tales Kana Chan

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Meet Kana Chan, the one half of the sexy twin sisters. They are young an innocent and very very curious know what we mean. A beautiful looking camel toe entrance and petite breasts on the masturbator are completing the outside look. The inside is as tight and stimulating as you would expect it from a first timer. Comes in a set with a cute panty, lotion, powder, a bag and a download code.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 16
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User Reviews

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  • | 1/24/2018

    Amazing package but...

    What you get for the price is simply amazing. Like her sister Sana, Kana is an adorable little loli which reflects both in the artwork on the package and in the downloadable .rar. As mentioned, the onahole itself is adorable and of good quality. I was kind of expecting a budget onahole at this price with all the extras but it seems to be anything but. It was much bigger that I was expecting, too. Especially length-wise which is always appreciated as a Western user as myself as some of these small/medium size onaholes tend to be a bit on the short end which can cause issues when used. The accessories are great - especially the pantsu. They're of excellent quality fabric and the design is like that of the real deal complete with waistband and padding in the crotch. Of course way too big for the onahole included, but if you own an onahip, such as my personal favourite "Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000", that comes with buttocks and thighs they will fit perfectly which greatly enhances the fun factor of your onahip! Now we come to the "but"-part of the review though. This is more of a warning: As much as it hurts to do it, I'd highly recommend asking the kind people at OtonaJP to remove the packaging. Why you ask? Well look at the second product image - it is a very explicit image of her laying on a diaper while being in covered in cum. Diaper. There is no arguing that she is a chibi mascot or anything here - she is clearly meant to be underage to the point of being a toddler. And that can get you into a heap of serious, legal issues! I didn't notice this before my order had shipped and I spent the following week in a state of constant panic that someone at customs would open it up and spot it! Thankfully they didn't, but I feel I'd have to mention it to warn other users. So know that if you don't ask for packaging removal, you are taking a very real and very serious risk.

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  • | 8/15/2016

    A well packaged loli onahole

    For this price the packaging is amazing!You will get a loli pantsu for various activities, a powder, a botlle of nice lube,a bag, a downloadable code for some nice loli pics and an onahole of course. The material of onahole is nice.The feeling when you enter her is amazing but the end part kinda lacks.The overall size of it is kinda small though it stretches nicely. In the end it is a good onahole with an amazing packaging.I recomend it

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