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Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory

by EXE
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This super smooth onahole is creating the fantasy of a flat chested young girl. She has a nice, realistic inside and comes with a small pack of lotion.

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Maker: EXE
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User Reviews

8 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 2/26/2024

    It's small

    I'm average sized and the onahole would be what I think a real loli should be like. Very tight and small, and it won't want to keep your member in, you also can't really go balls deep or be rough with it since it's so small. I wanted a loli onahole but I didn't think it would be so small.

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  • | 2/26/2020

    good but

    Good but broke on first use.

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  • | 12/27/2018

    Best one for me so far

    This is the third onahole I bought after Lolinco and Admission and I have to say I really like it so far though it might be a bit early to say so after a few weeks since I needed a few months to actually figure out what I liked and didn't about the previous two. Since all three of them share the same "theme" I suppose it's appropriate to compare them. Softness: It seems quite soft and pleasant to me (close to Lolinco). Does not require much lotion. Tightness: People say Lolinco is tight but it felt pretty loose to me. This one is not quite as tight as Admission but good enough. Feeling: Very good without any extra effort. For Lolinco I had to tie it up a bit to actually feel much but that way it did feel a bit better than this one. Way better than Admission which is a bit of a difficult case. Cleaning: Slightly more messy than Admission but almost as easy to clean and way better than Lolinco. Durability: While it is a bit early for me to say this, it might be less durable than Admission which after a 3/4 year still looks just like new while this one does show some wear at the entrance. Additionally, it is not a good idea to dry this hole with the otonaJP Dry Stand as it already tore a bit at the top after only a few weeks. Add to this the lightness and small size and it's definitely my favorite up to now. It might not live too long because of me using the dry stand but that's not this girl's fault.

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  • | 8/16/2018

    Great product and easy to clean.

    What first caught my attention of this onahole was the artwork, Hiragi アリステル(Alister or Aristel??) Is really cute and lovely, that was enough for me to buy it. Now, before I had it in my hands I didn't even bother looking up the size (you should ALWAYS do that). Although it's small, I realised that's the point, considering hiragi is 140.4cm tall, and I actually like how they made this onahole, the curved back adds a really nice touch and feeling to it. The entrance is about 1cm, being average sized you have to put some effort to get in, otherwise you'll bounce off. The feeling, once inside is nice and cosy, although I would recommend not using a thick lotion. I found that onatsuyu dulls the texture feeling. I tried highschool student 10 times stronger lotion and it gives a better sensation (also the smell) of the onahole texture than onatsuyu. The tightness is also nice (I bet it feels even better if you have an ona warmer). As others in past reviews have pointed out, you do end up poking the end of the onahole (all the time actually). That's not much of a problem in my opinion though, as you get to feel the full length of the onahole, which is always good in my book. A hard version of this onahole with a uterus would be something interesting to use. As for the cleaning, I felt it was rather easy, my 2 other onaholes chouzetsu vacuum nurse and kupa rina take a little longer, specially the drying part for me. But with this one, it's fast to wash and dry. I would highly recommend this onahole, the feeling, the art, and even the cleaning process are all amazing.

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  • | 2/4/2017

    Really nice and worth it

    Finally a onahole that doesn't have a flat back!! That's one of the reasons why it's a personal favorite, I love turning it upside down and having a good looking ass too, it's kinda small but the suction is great, sometimes I am too rough and it pokes really hard through the sking, but nothing that makes it garbage, love it

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  • | 1/7/2017

    Nice but a few mistakes

    This product feels great. The suction is nice and the tightness is perfect. The only thing I noticed is that it feels the poking on top of the product as if it could tear at any moment. Anything other than that it's great.

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  • | 10/23/2016

    Suprisingly priceworthy

    I bought this onahole as a "what the hell" type of thing and I find myself using it more and more. Simulating fucking a thirdgrader loli is great but it's not as tight as I'd want it. This thing is more like your go to when you need something that you just want to pump HARD up and down thinking about lil ones and rough sex. It really feels good emptying deep in the thing.

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  • | 8/14/2016

    Great, but flawed.

    Solid vacuum effect and tightness, but these come at the price of having the walls of the onahole being too thin at her "chest", such that you can see yourself poking through it, and see it caving in when in use.

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