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Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory Kori Kori Hard

Virgin Type Onahole "Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory Kori Kori Hard" by EXE x Alice Japan

  • Maker: EXE x Alice Japan
  • Sku: こちら布袋駅前 つるぺたガール研究所 コリコリハード
Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory Kori Kori Hard

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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 250 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 125x70x55mm

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Wow. Way too small.
This purchase came from the summar blind box. The other item which came (dekoboko moo moo) was actually quite nice. This one on the other hand....

I've got about 15 onaholes so far and unfortunately this one really disappointed.

The box art looks pretty nice. Cute girl, cool looking font and packaging was very nice.

The item is tiny, when I took it out of the plastic I was a bit concerned. I'm around 16.5cm and a medium girth, it took lots of lubrication to enter. The entrance hole is around 2-3mm so it was a struggle. Then with my erection firmly sorted and I did end up entering the clamping feeling felt very uncomfortable and the insides didn't feel stimulating, rather hard and lacking in definition.
The outside of the onahole is smooth and feels okay in the hand but this definitely isn't made for western sized members. I fought with it for a short while and stopped as it really defeated my pleasure time.

Felt so bad about it that I cleaned it out of respect to the makers and put it in the bin.

Unless you are around 10cm or less and thin in size (as I know everyone is different :)) I really can't suggest this to anyone, even as a joke present. Save your money for anything else. You'll be better off

Lesson learned. Blind boxes are good but unpredictable.
Review by Liam-san / (Posted on 6/26/2018)

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