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Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory SOFT

by EXE
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Smooth and Flat Lolita Virgin masturbator
Maker EXEProduct Type 90

Satisfy your virginity-taking and flat-chested cravings with the Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory Soft Onahole by EXE Japan. This loli-themed male masturbator features a mini torso exterior design complete with flat chested breasts, tummy, hips and a plump camel-toe surrounding the vaginal tunnel entrance. Withing this innocent young girl's pussy, your penis will encounter a tight tube made up from a separate layer of material that provides great virgin-like sensations with its various ribs that get tighter as you push in deeper. This little lolita also has a curved back and cute protruding tummy that have an effect on the inner tunnel and provide a nice curving stimulation as you push deep up into her tummy. This really is a fantastic lolita-cherry-popping male sex toy that provides a unique and almost addictive virgin masturbatory experience.

The Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory SOFT Sex Toy Features:

  • Mini-Torso Onahole with Cute Lolita Features
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Lolita Virgin Theme
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Torso with Tummy, Hips and Camel-Toe
  • Weight: 250 Grams

User Reviews

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  • | 11/11/2020

    Tight and Amazing

    One of my favorite for a small onahole to use. It has the shape of a small body, great texture, and feels amazing inside! The hole is small but intensifies the stimulation. One thing I found about mine was after using it a couple times, stimulation went on a decrease. But other than that, really good onahole to have especially if you want to use it discreetly.

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  • | 7/22/2018

    Pinnacle of all orgasms

    Eventually it will wear off but for the price and the stimulation it offers it's amazing. It's both soft and tight - something very rare. It's a lolihole, so for people with smaller to average penises you'll find this onahole to be one of the best ever. I've never found any onahole that gives me orgasms as strong as this one. And I own a lot of them. I've bought 3 of them over time (I destroyed one with use, second with an onahole heater(my bad)). It should last you about a year of intenstive use.

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  • | 1/28/2017

    Very nice and tight!

    Soft version of the normal smooth and flat, I imminently got the softer version as i know the normal would be too stimulating, this onahole is very soft and nice and holds up well, no damage so far with continued use. if you like tight but still giving onaholes than this is for you!

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