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Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE

Hip Onahole "Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE" by Magic Eyes

Soft Loli themed male masturbator
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Sku: すじまん くぱぁ ココロ SE
Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE

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With the original Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Magic Eyes has done an awesome job when it comes to Loli themed onaholes and Torsos. With the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE onahole they listened to the demand of s soft version of the CoCoLo onahole. You get the same Loli Virgin experience but with a softer touch to it. Magic Eyes has once again used their Magic Eyes skin material which really sets them apart from other onahole makers. You have those wonderful young looking Vagina Lips with a beautiful camel toe. Little perky Breasts to play with and two hyper realistic holes that are also connected at the end for a super easy cleaning process of the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE onahole. If you are on the look for not only a regular onahole but for the full soft Virgin Loli experience then there is no way you can pass the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE onahole. If you are more into a slightly harder material then we recommend the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo.

The Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE onahole by Magic Eyes features
  • Virgin Loli themed soft male sex toy
  • Made by Magic Eyes with their original Magic Eyes skin material
  • Big Torso with perky Breasts and two Holes
  • onahole weight about 2400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x140x240mm
  • comes with a small pack of free lotion

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

No porn needed
The feeling i get from Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE is not intense, the way you should enjoy it is by slowly thrusting your dick into her pussy than her anus. Try to last as long as you can(go for 20 to 50 mins) and try out different position with her
Review by jingheng / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
An expensive piece of garbage.
When it comes to onaholes I like the idea of having a soft variant, but Cocolo SE is just way too soft. It is every bit like masturbating with a blob of jello. No, more like a slice of tofu.

It wobbles so much I had trouble holding it properly. Also, this overkill softness rendered the inner texture designs completely useless. You would be lucky if you can finish with this. This soft material is also super fragile - tore the butthole on FIRST try. That air pressure valve has no point whatsoever - maybe it did with normal edition, but definitely not with the SE.

I thought Angel's Puruman was bad but Cocolo SE managed to be worse than that.

0/5 Big disappointment.
Review by CW / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
Review by SkillZ / (Posted on 7/26/2016)

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