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Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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If you're a fan of either the original Sujiman Kupa Lolinco or the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Onaholes by Magic Eyes, you're going to love this updated version. The Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco Onahole is bigger and heavier than the original Lolinco and just a little bit smaller than the Lolinco Virgo, but the main differentiating factor here is the emphasis on the virgin theme because this onahole is "extra virgin"! Magic Eyes have tightened the entrance hole, altered the tunnel design with various protrusion and also beefed up and tightened the uterus ring at the back - all this resulting in a more snug and virgin-like stimulating experience that will feel like you're deflowering a virgin bride on her wedding night again and again. Because the toy is made by Magic Eyes and their industry-leading special materials, you can also be confident that it is soft and pleasurable as well as strong, durable and easy to maintain.

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Maker: Magic EyesSimulation: VaginalFantasy: Bride, VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Triple LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 600g (1.32lbs)Length / Height: 180mm (7.09in)Width: 90mm (3.54in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2019Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 6/3/2024

    best one i ever had

    when it arrives, its actually bigger and wider than expected but i can still grip it just fine, the firmness too is actually quite soft. still overall its way better than the onaholes i owned before, even though its higher maintenance too. it is all worth it though, since it is the best one i ever had

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  • | 11/27/2023

    Sometimes EX isn't best

    I'm comparing this side by side with the previous generation Lolico Virgin. The detail is slightly higher and some parts of the canal are slightly tighter. However the end uterus part is very hit or miss (literally and figuratively speaking). Because the end chamber is simulated by a sort of 'hollow strawberry's bulge instead of just a narrow canal that opens out - it's very easy to miss entering the chamber. When you miss, the outside of this 'strawberry' is so heavily textured that it will desensitive you to the point where you may start to feel either numb or uncomfortable. So when you do penetrate the strawberry 40-50% of the time, you either can't tell the difference or it doesn't feel as pleasant as you thought it would. For me, EX is overengineering something that worked really well in the original (Lolico Virgo) and provides a worse experience. The highlight of this series is supposed to be the end chamber, which is much better and feels tighter, firmer in its predecessor. I hope they return to the previous design and improve the detail/tightness in the future.

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  • | 5/18/2023

    Amazing Detail & Feel!!

    I previously bought the Gichigichi Tororichi Onahole and let me tell that it is definitely an upgrade to quality, feel and detail. The size is just a little bit bigger but it's just enough to leave you satisfied about the value of your purchase. It's tight and you can feel every protrusion it has, especially the uterus ring at the end. The cleaning can be quite the hassle but if you have the right tools, it will be easier. I still haven't tested the durability of the onahole but it feels like it will last a long time with the proper care.

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  • | 5/4/2023

    High Reward, High Maintenance, Low Durability

    The "extra" in title of this product is very fitting. Everything about this toy is just a little more involved. If this review was based on just the "in-use" experience, it'd be a high 4-star or maybe 5-star, but the toy has a handful of problems in the aftercare department which drop it down. The sensation is on the higher side, and there is a few different textures throughout which gives a lot of of variety. Some other reviews have mentioned this borders on "too intense," but I would say this would only be the case if you only use the very front or very back (where the highest stimulation zones are). I had never dealt in "high stimulation" holes before this, and I think this would make a good entry point if you were curious about them. This is a toy which benefits immensely from a heater. As other people have mentioned, the cervix feature is no joke when it comes to clean-up. If you intend to use this product you need to either master your pull-out game or master your clean-up skills. I made the mistake of doing the latter the first go around and it was a 5-minute clean up and a separate 2-minute follow-up an hour later to try and finish the drying of the cervix. The level of water retention in that thing makes me want a second dry stick. I sanitize it with isopropyl more frequently than other toys. Lastly is durability. I have only recently gotten this toy and it's already showing some worrying signs. The internals are holding up fine, but the lips and external aesthetics of the hole have had 2 minor rips after only 2 uses. I know the materials on the inside and outside are different, and I'm hoping the inside proves more durable. If the inside is holding up fine in 2-3 months I'll put a comment or edit on this review.

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  • | 12/2/2022

    Good feeling and quality

    While there was minor scratch on the back of the onahole, the overall quality was amazing. It was both tight, sturdy and soft. The only hassle I've seen was because it is designed to be tight it is annoying to get the water out after cleaning. But other then me having issue with drying this thing, it is a good quality onahole

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  • | 8/23/2022

    This was my first hole, and not disappointed

    This was my first hole, and I was not disappointed. It delivers what it promises - a very tight entry point simulating a virgin being broken in. Beyond the tight entry point, you are met with a highly stimulating and pleasant maze of textured nubs and surfaces which you can enjoy slowly or intensely depending on your preference. I have a few other onaholes and hips now since, but I still use the Lolinco EX virgin because it really holds its own as a premium onahole from Japan. To make it even more perfect, I would have liked the rest of the tunnel following the tight 'hymen' point to be tighter, like the sensation you get from GichiGichi Tororichi. Also, I'm not a big fan of the large cameltoe design of the entry. I prefer a smaller entry point design like GichiGichi Tororichi. Others have stated that cleaning it out is hard. Personally, I don't think it's too much harder. Have a running tap with warm water and soap, and stick your finger in to wash out the contents. Once you have rinsed out thoroughly, use microfiber towel to get the bulk moisture out, then a drying stick to dry it further. Perhaps I don't feel that the cleaning is too hard because this was my first hole, and thus I wasn't spoilt with easier-to-clean holes :P

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  • | 8/2/2022

    Good if you're big

    I have a thin and short member, and I got this hoping this would really hit the spot. The entrance is great, but I'm too short to fully penetrate the second entrance (bottoming out I can only tap it, so I have to force the onahole through). Better for average or above average sized dudes, but I'm not one of them.

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  • | 7/1/2022

    Good deal for your first!

    this is my 2nd purchase after getting the first lolinco edition. really gets you going. it is better than the original lolinco for sure. hard to dry, not a fan of the uterus as its hard to insert inside.

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  • | 5/2/2022

    The end bit is way too sharp

    An updated version of lolinco, with two key differences introducing the harder material to the entrance ring and the cervix at the end. Having the harder material makes initial penetration really strong, the rest of the soft shaft opens up to chamber with the new inflated cervix gimmick. I really do not like the end chamber, the pointed shape of the cervix and the harder material makes it feel like a pin is just poking your tip - its not comfortable at all. The design of the chamber also makes all the liquid stuck right at the end making it really difficult to clean. Aside from that design of the onahole is still the stand out, nicely curved bottom, perky lips and the simplest boob impression. Not a necessary upgrade, if you have the original or other Magic Eyes holes you won't be missing out.

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  • | 4/6/2022

    good all round

    I love how it has some heft to it it's a good size and weight

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  • | 3/2/2022

    It will survive

    I'm going to be straight up with you guys: At first I was afraid, I was petrified; kept thinking this would break if I put my dick inside. But then I spent so many nights stroking all night long and the material is strong, if you buy this you can't go wrong. Anyway, seriously, this toy is tight AF and the material feels soft like a girl but it's amazingly durable. I used it then while I was cleaning it, the back of the inside still had water around it but it was a bit hard to reach with my hand because it's so tight and no matter how you stretch it, it doesn't become loose. It's worth it so when you have the chance, buy it and you won't be sorry.

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  • | 2/28/2022

    This thing will suck the life out of you.

    I bought this along with julia+ and shangri la girl to try out different hole designs, this is by far the tightest onahole I've ever tried. This thing will grip and give you the tightest sensation, you will quickly blow your load. However, that tightness is not great for long sessions as the tight rubs will make your dong uncomfortable after a while. Overall if you like tight onaholes this is it, it also has great durability hardly any wear and tear after 10+ uses.

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  • | 2/13/2022

    Amazing Sensation on Entrance and End

    I think if they made it as a soft, it will be better. The regular material might not be suitable for bigger Johnny since it's not really flexible and the wall inside might be too strong for simulation. Quite hard to penetrate but once it's in, it's really good (in the entrance), going mid it's a bit uncomfortable if your Johnny is quite big, but at the end it's satisfying. I'd recommend to use with a good lube since the grip might get too strong for movement

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  • | 1/16/2022

    Good feeling, and well worth the asking price

    This product is well worth the asking price for the following reasons. 1 - Good life span, currently mine has lasted well over half a year with moderate usage, with only minor wear and tear to the entrance and shallow cuts to the outer product, which in no way affect usage performance. 2- The product Gimic performs well and enhances the user experience as a whole, as the tight ring near the front creates a nice gripping force when using it making it feel like there is more resistance when moving in and out. 3- there is a solid weight to it and it feels solid enough to use without any fear of accidentally poking a hole in the item. The one downside I have with the product is the fake cervix at the back gets in the way (due to being far too difficult to aim for) and having it there seems to have forced them to have a tad of a pocket at the very back which does not feel quite as good.

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  • | 12/6/2021

    Great feeling, great price value

    No real complaints here: It has a very satisfying weight and HEFT to it, making it feel better in the hand and just higher quality. It's very stretchy, which allows for some variation in play while using it- altering the sensations it would normally give- and seems to retain it's shape very well, with just some minor tearing at the opening, after several months since the purchase. The overall stimulation of the inside feels very gentle but squeezing tightly at the same time providing a very enjoyable experience. Lovingly stimulating; not too extreme or overwhelming. It does truly live up to it's name and makes me feel 'Extra virgin,' even more so than usual ;) The only downside here is because of the combination of the tightness of the opening ring and the depth of the innermost uterus section, cleaning it can feel like a full upper body workout, and an exercise in patience and post- nut frustration.

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  • | 7/12/2021

    Favourite and Long Lasting

    It's fantastic. Tight and the gimmick works perfectly. Easy to clean. I've had it for nearly about half a year, I think, and it's still in good condition. The only downside is I'm small, and can't really reach the end without pushing down.

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  • | 7/12/2021

    Favourite and Long Lasting

    It's fantastic. Tight and the gimmick works perfectly. Easy to clean. I've had it for nearly about half a year, I think, and it's still in good condition. The only downside is I'm small, and can't really reach the end without pushing down.

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  • | 6/11/2021

    Absolutely worth your money

    I bought this one to have a new experience on onaholes, I already own the Gokusai Uterus, but this feels way to good. Compared with Gokusai, Lolinco has a hardened uterus, which has a better feeling and durability. The stimulation might be too much for some people, but for me it's amazing, but I suggest you to use enough lub or lotion.

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  • | 2/26/2021

    perfectly tight

    so the extra virgin onahole. so its a little bit bigger than the normal one(first one), the insides are damm fcking tight , well i mean the entrance is really tight and you feel that stroking over your dick when you move it. im not sure about the inside part itself, but it was pretty tight not sure if the same or tighter or less as the original sujiman kupa one tho xD. but the end then, the womb, is definetly really damm fcking strongly tight xD. even tho im not sure if i penetrated it or hit aside from it since its not the simple end there, that you get in, but more in the middle of the end placed, so there is some free space arround it(which is also a pain in the ass for washing out and drieng tbh). so the insides eh i duno for sure man but well it got some design and shape there but not that much or strong noticeable , but the onahole is really intense with its tightness . its so damm fcking tight its amazing and awesome man xD. even tho i would think its possible to get or be even tighter. but you probably wont find a tighter hole i guess , maybe there are a really few, but thats definetly one of the tightest and best you can get, if not one of the tightest. so that you may only find the same tightness extremly rarely. this this is one onahole there i would for once really say and think its like a real pussy or how one should be . at least i imagine and assume it. probably comes the closest or is exactly like it. well i duno for sure can only make assumptions since im still a virgin man xD. anyways all in all its fantastic and damm fcking awesome how tight it is. tho washing it out makes it a bit difficulty with that and like i mentioned drieng it too since the end chamber there the places arround it is a pain in the ass man . nice or good insides but nothing that special for the part but extremly damm fcking good tight entrance and end. this is the tightness pussys should have man xD i rate it 9/10.

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  • | 12/31/2020


    I already have Lolinco Virgo, but had to buy this one too, and if you want something more light weight and EXTRA TIGHT go for this one, but they are overall the perfect onaholes. Just going to say I managed to cum 2 times in 1 session without pulling out, because it was so tight and it felt too good that I had a second erection instantly <_< EXTRA ANNOYING TO CLEAN XD it takes 30m to clean and dry for a small 600g onahole it's annoying, but boi if it's worth it! 10/10 Would buy it again!

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  • | 12/22/2020

    good at entrance and firm, my tip is hit the uterus and feel so good but hard to penetrating inside because is too small and can't spread out. overalll is 5/5

    if a new version coming out in the future. I want a real uterus version. this version is ok but I want some space inside the uterus and make the entrance firmly and against the tip hard for penetration but can penetrate inside. after the tip penetrating through the entrance, I want to stuck inside and sucking.

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  • | 11/2/2020

    Better than the bigger and heavier version of this one

    Got this one almost a year ago and it's holding up quite nicely. The entrance ring, while a bit more loose than in the beginning, is still very stimulating. I was a bit disappointed that I can't really get into the uterus but it still feels pretty good to bump into and grind around it. The outside got pretty sticky, like the fleshlights do, but it can be solved with corn starch and is a non-issue while using in a shower ;) Washing it is pretty easy. I basically cover the inside and outside with soap and rinse it with hot and then cold water. After that I get a toilet paper and make 4 sticks from it to dry the inside and some for the outside, then I let it air dry. All in all pretty good onahole that I would recommend to anyone with average European penis size and uterus fetish ;)

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  • | 9/19/2020

    Too tight for me

    The entrance ring it SO tight. After forcing it in, I can only feel the ring and the tip that is also solid hard. Safety hazard to half hard dicks. All that said I'm thinking of cutting the ring. Hopefully it gives a better sensation then.

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  • | 9/12/2020

    Definitely a banger

    Relatively new to using onaholes, but this one was by far one of the best ones I've used. The entrance was tight and stimulating (until it broke with a small tear widening after each use). It was a really good part, but you can technically go without it too (but the EX Virgin part would be kinda irrelevant, I suppose?) The tunnel is also pretty intricate as there's a lot of grooves and a medium sized bump that provides a great feeling as you piston through it. Like another user said, consider using thin lube for greater details in stimulation or consistent lube to highlight the back end of the onahole. The uterus (which I assume is that cone at the back) isn't for everyone and I guess it wasn't meant for me to enter with anything other than my finger/drying sticks :/ There is a little nub on the bottom that gives your thing a bit more stimulation if you swirl the uterus around it, which felt pretty amazing too. (Disclaimer: 3cm diameter for the 'head' is probably the limit to enter the uterus. Any larger would take a LOT of work...) Visually, the camel toe is quite appealing and the breasts give you something to fondle while you're moving about. As for cleaning, tissues will not cut it as the insides are intricate. You might want to consider investing in a drying stick/powder if you don't have some already. The end chamber where the uterus is found is a bit more complicated to clean as there's a rounded ridge. Take care to wipe that part dry to get rid of residual moistness. The lotion grooves also hold quite the bit of lotion so it may take some time for you to clean it out properly. If you like tighter onaholes with great stimulation and the added benefits of penetrating/knocking up against the baby room, then this is your go to.

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  • | 8/10/2020

    My first masturbator and onahole ever, and this was the perfect choice!

    It isn't called extra virgin for nothing, it's really tight, especially at the entrance, even for me, that my ochinchin is small. The bottom and upper part feels really good, and I like to push my little friend to the uterus, a nice addition I must say. A little con is the fact that the material in the outside is sticky when dry, and it leaves a wax-like trace on the surfaces where I put it. To wash it I use mildy hot water mixed with neutral liquid soap for a better removing of residues, then rinse with only water. To dry it I use a microfiber towel and insert it to the onahole with a thin stick to reach the deep parts. I recommend this to those who likes very tight masturbators.

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  • | 7/9/2020

    Totally worth it. But maybe my bad luck.

    This onahole is actually worth it. She wrap around your shaft nicely and not like the virgo version. This one you can notice that you reach her uterus more easily. But cleaning it is a pain. The area around her uterus is quite hard to make it dry but compare to virgo version this one is much easier to clean maybe because of the size different. The last thing I disappointed is Magic eyes actually need better QC because of my case her labia (inner layer) isn't attach the outer layer perfectly. It almost get separate from each other after a week (just the labia area the inside are fine). I didn't try to insult Otonajp they actually send their package with proper protection and the package reach me without any damage.

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  • | 4/28/2020

    It's great. Buy it! You won't regret it!

    Frankly, I'm in love with it. The feeling is amazing from the entrance all the way to the back. All of this is exaggerated by the firmness, that the hole has. But this also brings a small negative with it. Cleanup is more tedious because of the it, to be precise drying it. I never seems like you can get the uterus and the area around it fully dry. But I want to end this on a high note, so here's a small tip: You can mix water based lube with water to change it's viscosity. And a hole like this greatly benefits from that greatly. Use thinner lube and the stimulation becomes intense or use thicker lube to really pound it and feel the uterus to it's fullest. Everyone should own one of these!

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  • | 4/17/2020

    Slight disappointment in quality, but meets expectations

    TLDR: I probably got a bad batch as there were many signs of bubbles and non-continuous skin. However, true to the series, delivered much happiness. Long version: Let me preface this by saying i have never owned the originals. I went straight for this one. + That hymen ring works magic. While other onaholes depend on your hand, this one does some squeezing for you on the lower part. I'll let you determine for yourself if that's a good thing, but that feature already sets it apart from many others. + I can't really say much else other than sensational. The other reviews drive the point that it really just makes you feel <fill in your happy blank here> o + That nub at the end is interesting. You and I both know what it is, but you can't insert your d into it. Your finger? Yes, but not your d. That sucks for a certain niche crowd, but otherwise, you can definitely pretend you are knocking on the back room and heighten your imagination. - 1st small nitpick: I expected magic eyes quality to be top notch. However, mine came with a few quality defects. You could definitely see many bubbles on the surface of the inner layer right outside the omanko. Is this such bad thing, I'm not sure, but this is a first for me coming from magic eye. The lips were also not continuous. I had a hole connecting the lips at the posterior, which got bigger and bigger until I decided to just tear it open to make it less, uh, awkward to look at. I'm going to assume that they had a large order to fill. Does it affect the feeling? Nope. - This is not a nitpick as it is a worry, as I have no proof. The ring I mentioned is probably going to get worn to the point where it's no longer strong enough to exert any pressure. Now while that sucks, hopefully by the time that happens, the next version will come out. Or, maybe you've grown so loyal to the loli that you can't throw her out. I know I probably won't.

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  • | 4/14/2020

    Loved it

    Didn't get to use it much because I lost it during moving but for my experience it was great entrances tight tight around the shaft couldn't really feel the uterus at the end but definitely worth the price

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  • | 1/14/2020

    Definitely an upgrade

    Entrance was tight and she wraps around you as you enter! You can really feel the uterus in this one!Take care of her and she will last for a very long time

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  • | 12/22/2019

    Even better than the Original

    I love this one so much. Got it for three days now and she is the perfect Bride for me. Even better than the original ones, even better than the Virgo in my opinion. Long term test obviously not possible now but the stimulation was so great, I would have probably even bought this if it was a one time

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