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Tenga Flip Hole Black

by Tenga
(appx. 76.25 )
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Tenga is one of the most popular makers of onaholes and masturbators in general. The flip hole is a whole new idea and can be used many time as it is very solid and durable. Easy to clean and very stimulating, mixed with the high quality Tenga provides throughout their whole product line. Comes bundled with 3 lotions.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 May 26
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 565 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 175x85mm


1 Customer Reviews for Tenga Flip Hole Black

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by Andrew April 27, 2017
High quality, enjoyable

Today I will be reviewing the Flip Hole Black by Tenga.

The Flip Hole is packaged very stylishly and cleanly, almost like an Apple electronic device. Everything is securely attached, and the included lotions are secured with stickers so they do not detach and rattle around.
The information on the outside clearly indicated the style that the color entailed and additional information on the back.

The Flip Hole comes with 3 samples of Tenga's lotions, MILD, REAL, and WILD.
Mild is the thickest of the 3 and the stringiest. It is my least favorite, as with my time using it it gummed up a lot and was difficult to reapply. Real is more watery and less stringy. It spread well and was generally the most enjoyable of the three, as there was little desensitization. Wild is a very watery and slick lotion with added menthol, which adds a smell. It is easy to overapply, and at one point I had a large portion of the lotion drip out of the Flip Hole and go onto my lap, which wasn't fun to clean up. If I were to buy one of these lotions separate it would definitely be Real.

Inside the Flip Hole is very interesting. Tenga has designed this very particularly, with each part having a purpose. Among the more interesting/pleasurable parts are the "Cross Walls" and the various orbs. It is an all-encompassing texture overload which is really nice. The three pressure points on either side each have their own purpose as well; pressing on the bottom one will give more of a tight entrance and more resistance, pressing on the middle one gives more of a firm feeling, and pressing on the top once can mess with suction/pressure which is good when utilized at the right times.

Clean up is fairly easy, rinse under warm water and then either air dry or go over it with a microfiber towel until it is fully dry. Due to all the different textures/areas inside the Flip Hole Black, you need to be thorough and check every nook and cranny for water/lotion/etc. before storing.

The Tenga Flip Hole Black is rated for 50 uses, but with proper care I can see someone getting many more than that.

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