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Tenka Ikketsu

by Ride
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Double layer male masturbator

The Tenka Ikketsu onahole from Ride Japan is a dual layer onahole with a special gimmick in it. The CQ effect as Ride Japan is calling it, will make the inside layer tighten around your Dick once you are in. It is a very intense feeling when you feel stimulation and pressure from all sides. As other onaholes from Ride Japan, the Tenka Ikketsu also is extremely well made and durable. By applying pressure on the outside while you use it, you can manage to adjust the intensity, allowing you to create the experience you like the most. The Tenka Ikketsu is super soft while still stable when holding as it uses the unique Baby Touch material Ride has invented themself. The perfect fuck toy that can take in any size.

The Tenka Ikketsu onahole by Ride Japan features

  • Genuine male sex toy from Japan
  • made by Ride Japan
  • the Tenka Ikketsu is tightening around your Dick
  • onahole weight about 400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 175x70mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

Maker: RideWhat kind of product: 242
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User Reviews

4 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/19/2023

    the middle

    This hole is the middle ground, not too stimulating, but not too bland, not too tight that it loses texture, but not too loose that it feels like nothing. The internal material difference is nice, as the outside is nice and soft to the touch, while the inside is somewhat firmer so you can feel the nubs inside As always, quality build by Ride, don't see it breaking down too soon when used moderately

    ... view more
  • | 11/21/2021

    Comfortable Hole

    It has a size that fits your hand. feel relaxing Not too tight, overall good

    ... view more
  • | 2/15/2021

    Feel Amazing; Doesn't Last

    I'd normally give this hole a 9 or 10/10, as it is very stimulating (medium-hard) and the end chamber entrance feels great. However, the inner layer is too thin and close to the entrance that it started peeling after just a few days. Of the 10 holes that I've had for 2+ years, this is the only hole that remained useable for a matter of weeks; I ended having to regrettably throw it away :'(.

    ... view more
  • | 3/7/2019

    Quality Product

    This onahole has soft material on the outside and harder material on the inside. Which gives it a higher stimulation but still lets you feel the softness up against yourself. You need a thick lube(thin stuff with this toy will rub you numb) with this onahole, the sample it comes with is a good example. As long as you have a thick lube, this thing feels great overall. If your looking to get a big feeling from the second chamber, I hardly notice it most of the time. I appreciate the depth of this onahole, I'm a westy and it accommodates me well. The first time I cleaned this onahole it was a pain and took some time, but now I can get it clean pretty quick. Not sure if I "broke in" the material or if I just got use to the inner structure. The outer material gets a little sticky once it's cleaned/dried, not an issue as I don't really see it collecting much dust or fuzz. As far as durability, I've used it for 3 months and see no sign of wear on the inner or outer material. Oh and try it with an air pillow or similar item, it's great hands free.

    ... view more
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