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Tight Virgin Lotion Morning Version

Virgin Onahole by Toys Heart
(appx. 12.06 )
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 3
  • Volume: 180ml


9 Customer Reviews for Tight Virgin Lotion Morning Version

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by Robe March 24, 2019
Sweet & Innocent

Disclaimer: I bought this product at another site, but as it is not possible to place reviews on that site, I am writing my review here.

This is my first Japanese lotion. Comparing it to my previous experiences with western personal lubricants, I can say that this lotion is quite a different experience.

There is a viscosity that is thick and sticky, similar to human sexual fluids, but quick to dry from air contact. I found that any residue that has dried up can still retain a tiny bit glide if re-moistened with a bit of water. No sticky sensation or irritation once dried.

One of the selling points of this product is the scent, and quite a scent it is. Clean and fruity tones bring up images of big spoon cuddling with a girlfriend in her room with the scent of her shampoo and body wash. There is nothing obscene to this scent, it is affectionate and intimate. Only issue is that the pleasant scent goes to waste as the main purpose of this lotion is for lubrication. A shame, as I do love the scent.

by Bosha December 3, 2017
Does the job well and lasts long.

It's the first lotion I've gotten and it's still half full. It's also good enough for only a drop of it to last you a session. Doesn't dry too fast and easy to wash off.

by Mugi September 28, 2017
Gets the job done, but there's better out there.

This lotion is on the more "watery" side of the spectrum, it's smell is similar of that of shampoo in my opinion, it's good, and because it's not as thicc as other lubes you can really feel the onahole's inside more easily. That being said, for this price you can get something similar with double the amount. Hell it's even slightly cheaper. This is not a bad product but in my opinion it could be cheaper.

by Sonicman August 12, 2017
Not bad. Get something else

I got this because it was the only one I could find at the time. It was pretty good, but there are better on this website, such as Tenga Egg Lotion or Pepee.

by aef March 30, 2017
Smells very nice

This lotion smells so good and it's really sticky. Only problem is it dries kind of quickly but it's not really a big deal.

by Ace February 7, 2017
Smells virgin.

I could tell that the smells, smells like hair conditional, the formula made it sticks to your private parts and dried out fairly quickly for a second round, but feels still right.

by loli September 16, 2016

overall it good and has the smell of a loli i imagine it would which is that cute bath soap smell.

by Banana Kid September 6, 2016
Not bad

Not bad. A little goes a long way, and the feeling is great. Doesn't dry out too fast either, so a bottle lasts a long time. I'm sure there's better ones, though.

by Flying belt August 14, 2016
Great product

Worked well

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