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Seventeen Evo Soft

by Toys Heart
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Japanese School girl male masturbator
Maker Toys Heart

This is a softer version of Toys Heart popular Seventeen Evo onahole. Dual layered school girl pussy awaits within these narrow flexible walls. With maximum flexibility in mind and delivering a softer punch to fully enjoy slow sessions, the Seventeen Evo Soft onahole is perfect for those looking to appreciate every finer detail. A variety of textures stimulate you on the way down to her tight virgin womb, complete with an extra special passage which caps around your head to really drive the point home. There's a lot to like in this soft little package!

The Seventeen Evo Soft onahole by Toys Heart features

  • Japanese school girl male sex toy
  • made by Toys Heart
  • Virgin sex experience with a dual layer structure
  • onahole weight about 330 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 175mm in length
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

User Reviews

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  • | 5/4/2023

    Simply Incredible!

    This was my first product from ToysHeart and now I'm looking hard at every product they release. Where to start... The suction. Lots of products claim to have it, this one actually does. It's palpable, powerful, and adds greatly to the experience. The textures are varied and JUST firm enough to really push you without being too aggressive. The outside feels soft and pleasant. The unique material is not just marketing, it's actually bouncy and spongy, in a good way. The wider opening does NOT reduce tightness at all. I've paid twice as much for experiences not half as good as this. It's a no brainer for the cost, and at the price a definite 5 star experience.

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  • | 7/30/2022

    Good, but not great

    It is soft and the insides are slippery, but it loosens up very fast. Bought a second one to see if it was from how I washed it, but seems to be from general use. From brand new to needing zip ties to feel tight, it took maybe 20-30 uses.

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  • | 6/2/2018

    It's okay

    The sensation of this toy is very soft. Not because the material is so soft, but the bumops inside get flattened, so it feels more like a plain tube. But the last chamber can create some suction hich is very nice. Biggest dissapointment is the durability. The entrance starts tearing after 3 or 4 uses...so It won't last very long

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  • | 2/26/2018

    My go to Onahole

    Had this one for more then a year and it still looks and feels like new after hundreds of uses. I love the soft feeling and stimulation, pressing out the air makes a big difference with strong vacuum. Entering the end of the Onahole feels just fantastic. It's easy to clean and is the one I use most of the time, even though I have about 15 others. I highly recommend it.

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  • | 1/22/2018

    Felt good didn’t last long

    I actually really enjoy this one, felt very good to me, I just kept coming back for more. Only issue was it wasn’t long before it started to tear. So be careful with it.

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  • | 10/26/2016

    This one's a dud...

    This is one of the few 17 holes that was a miss, too loose, too soft, not quite sure what were the Japanese were thinking when they decided to make a soft version of the 17 evo. You'll need alot of girth and length and the right lube to enjoy this hole... for me it felt like nothingness, a void because I couldn't feel any of the structure

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