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Toys Heart Lucky Bag

Toys Heart Lucky Bag

by Toys Heart
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Get great items and save big with the Toys Heart Lucky Bag. This bag includes items for Men. The bag comes in black or red.

Limited to 1 per customer. Contents of the Grab bag are random.

Maker: Toys Heart
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/8/2018


    I recieved an assortment of interesting onahole and onahole type toys that I would never have tried had it not been for this bag. Also, it came with an uncented lube 120ml and two very decent onahole. Not tiny but not huge, M/MS in size. One of the onahole I recieved was worth $25 and the other not far behind. In addition I got two more onahole items plus the lube totalling 5 items. IMO they were $5, $10, $10, $20, $25 totaling about $70 and thats not exhagerating. Theres only one drawback, you dont know what youre getting, but, knowing this, I contacted Otona JP and if you don't have too much to look out for(I had only one duplicate concern) they might have enough time to take a look in your order to make sure you don't get duplicates! OtonaJP' customer service is GREAT!

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  • | 4/25/2018

    Wow! worth the buy for ToysHeart fans!

    So, In my lucky bag, I recieved the following; 1). I think about 130ml of ToysHeart lube with their mascot, Izuha, gracing the label. :) Cute and good quality lube, but no applicator tip. Retail is probably $10-$15 2) One mid-tier price range onahole. It doesn't tell you anywhere on the box, so you have to do some research and figure it out yourself. I got Frigging Girl, which goes for about $22-$30, depending on where you look. It doesn't look like much, but it's nice and tight and my bf's favorite of the bunch! 3) a low-tier price range onahole, from the SI-X series, it's type N, I think? It's worth about $10 in retail, but honestly, it's garbage. It's durable I'll give it that but it has next to no texture at all, and it's so loose the vacuum effect doesn't work at all. 4). an OnaPit head massager! I got the 'Dots' type. It's pretty decent for how cost effective it is! Retail is about $3-$6 5). last but not least, a ToysHeart cup, Fellatio style! This onacup comes prelubed and ready to go! you can even remove the sleeve part and reuse it. Didnt end up using this, but the texture really did feel like the inside of a mouth. Gave it to a friend to use, he gave it a solid 7/10! Retail is about $5-$10. All in all, the retail value of this lucky bag is a good deal higher than what you pay for, it's a pretty great bargain! However, with the shipping, any extra money i might have saved was spent, but it was literally worth every penny. I HIGHLY reccomend this! You may even get luckier than i did. :)

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