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Virgin Matchless

Virgin Onahole by Fillworks
(appx. 30.55 )
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Product Weight (Without the package): approx. 343 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 150x70mm


3 Customer Reviews for Virgin Matchless

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by Dwayne November 5, 2019
For it's price this onahole is a steal

I had my eyes on this onahole for months, and now that I got it all I have to say is that the feeling is amazing. This onahole has 7 hymens that squeeze your member tightly for maximum stimulation. Then there is the final chamber that once you bust; it catches most if not all of the semen. The only problem I have I cleaning the onahole so that's why I only use it for special occasions, but other than that I think you should at least give this onahole a try.

by Riva December 1, 2018
7 hymens = 7x stimulation

Special feature: Seven hymens
0,75 ★ cleaning in between the hymens is little extra effort
0,5 ★ all hymens are torn after 10 uses
1,75 ★ tight, much big ribs, very stimulating
0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included
3,50 ★ ★★★★☆
My opinion:
The box has a nice print and the onahole came with a lubricant bag. In my case the top side (where the neck sould be) was deformed. This was because the onahole stood diagonally in the box for some months, this was my fault. If you wish to store the item than the box should be laid down. The onahole is made of two materials, the soft material on the outside and a layer of little firmer material covering the tunnel walls. The seven hymens are made of the firmer material and therefore giving high stimulation. After about ten uses all hymens are torn, but they are still stimulating. The onahole is consuming about the double amount of lubricant as most other onaholes, this is caused by the seven hymens and the gaps inbetween them.
My summary:
Even if the cleaning is a tiny bit harder than with other onaholes and the hymens are quickly worn out, the onahole is still stimulating.
My summing: ★★★★☆

by KP July 1, 2018
Incredible Hole

The initial insertion was amazing, the ribs inside really massage your organ and the sensation of multiple ribs pressing onto it was really something else. After using it multiple more times after the initial time, the different ribs do lose their 'hardness' and the sensation you get is less than the initial time.
However still is an amazing and the unique sensation is like no other.

Cleaning is simple and very easy to handle.

Cover art is great too.

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