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Wet Meiki MONSTER Chimera Plus

by Magic Eyes
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Monster and Hentai themed Onahole
Maker Magic EyesProduct Type 97

The Wet Meiki Monster Chimera Plus Onahole is a hentai monster-themed masturbator by Magic Eyes. A chimera is a mythical creature that breathes fire and is composed of the parts of different animals - a term Magic Eyes used to describe their collaboration with Ride Japan to make original Wet Meiki Monster Chimera. The onahole is made using the amazing Bungee Toucg material from Ride Japan. It's very soft, stretchy and durable and absolutely ideal for sex toy creations. As with most Magic Eyes pocket pussys, the inner tunnel is made of various grooves, bumps and ridges that provide high stimulation. These Chimera masturbators, however, are layered in monster-like patterns and shapes. This Plus version features additional material within her dual-layer tunnel design - a row of rotating ribs and bumps that further add to the stimulation felt. The outside of the Wet Meiki Monster Plus looks the same as the original - a monster-looking stump of veins and bags of meaty balls. This thing could clearly get a starring role in some kind of scary hentai anime. Magic Eyes truly are innovators in the world of onahole production! Take home this monster toy today and battle her in intense climactic showdowns.

The Wet Meiki Monster Chimera Plus Male Masturbator Features:

  • Excellent Male Masturbator Made by Magic Eyes and Ride Japan
  • Dual-Layer 3D Tunnel Design Made From Four Different Materials
  • Collaboration Onahole Made by Two Great Onahole Producers
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lube Included
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Dimensions: 170 x 65 x 80 mm

User Reviews

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  • | 2/2/2018

    A good variation of the original

    Compared to the standard version, this one is a lot more stimulating- insanely stimulating in fact. As is the usual for this product line, the exterior is grotesque (but cool!) and the entry hole is fairly standard. It's built like a monster truck (ha ha, see what I did there) and will last a very, very long time- mine lasted over a year and a half and is still in good condition. The only real noticeable difference over time is that the inner layer gets less pronounced the more you use it, which is for some people pretty great since it goes from "Dick bullying" to "Demonic Familiar" sensation wise. Here's my breakdown: Size- As with a lot of their products, this is reasonably compact but slightly larger compared to their other product lines (Open my pussy! etc) but well within the standard size range for others like the La Vie En Rose or Wet Meiki onaholes. It's pretty accomodating for larger sizes and will not stretch. Material- The inner material for this one is VERY SOLID. It's firm and the bits that jut out are also equally solid, so there's no worry about it tearing off unless you manhandle it, or wash it with a rifle cleaning brush. The exterior is a bit spongier compared to their other holes, so some care might be needed when drying- but it supports the inner layer well and is a big plus. Some concerns for layer splitting (as is the case for dual layers) would mainly be in the entrance, but from my experience it's never gone beyond that. The hole gets "gentler" over time, so please take note!

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