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Fuwa Cyun Triple

by G Project
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Maker G Project

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 June 17
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 312 Grams
Product Dimensions: 147x55x55mm

User Reviews

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  • | 9/15/2019

    A Must Have

    A must have in your regular arsenal of toys. The versatility of textures and stiffness makes this a toy for most all occasions. This is by far my favorite product from G project. Additionally because of the open ends, it makes the cleaning of the product much easier and with less hassle. Do be careful with the tearing and misuse or mismanagement with encourage the material to tearing. Be gentle with these ladies. Great job G project! keep it up.

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  • | 4/21/2019

    A must to have

    Up until today, this is my favorite onahole. If you want to do it soft, you use the pink side, if you want to do it hard, the yellow side. The blue part goes really well with the pink part. They form a unique and awesome feeling together. The yellow part feels good in itself. After using it for several months, the blue and pink started to seperate. I may have to fix it in several more months. That´s why I removed one Star in Quality.

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  • | 12/23/2018

    Open Ended

    A open ended onahole with three different intensities. Pink is soft, which is like really soft, on par with a "fuwatoro" You won't really feel the pink's internal structure unless you use extremely thin lube. Blue is the medium. Similar to the standard onahole Yellow is the hard. Pretty tight, almost simulating anal insertion. You can insert from either the pink or yellow side to get different feelings. because of it being open ended, you don't have to worry about being too long either (being too girthy is another story, however). Also comes with its own storage bag. Very easy to clean, but is sorta loud when using unless you plug up the end.

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  • | 6/11/2018

    Very unique idea and they managed to pull it off alright

    The pink part is the softest damn thing you'll ever put your penis into. But you can't feel much. Seriously, it's like pudding. The overall feel is good and I like how you can put it in either side. The only downsides this product has is that the pink part is not stimulating and the noise is pretty loud.

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  • | 4/20/2018

    A must buy

    This was my first ever purchase from otonaJP, so I just want to quickly mention that their service is excellent and you will not be disappointed with your product. Now onto the item itself, it's a decent size and the textures on both the inside and out are fantastic. The pink side is super soft and feels amazing. The other materials are equally as good, and being really easy to clean is a huge plus. I wouldn't recommend flipping it inside-out to clean; just a quick rinse through it and it's ready to go again.

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  • | 4/8/2018

    Pretty good

    Fairly unique idea, can be entered from both sides, but I usually went for the pink one so it got tighter around the head. Exit hole can be squeezed together before climax to prevent any unintended decor under the desk. Cleaning holes after use can be a bother, this one was alright though, no real need to turn it inside out. Survived about 40 rounds, granted pretty rough ones, then the blue part got torn. rip

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  • | 4/3/2018


    This one right here is a fantastic buy, definitely recommending it. 2 different sensations for whether you just want to relax and have her take care of you (pink) or just for when you really want to pound some frustration into her (yellow), this thing does the job. The pink side is super soft, does wonders for chilling out. The yellow side still manages to be as tight as a virgin's asshole, and I've had this for a good 5, 6 months. There's only two downsides I can think of: - Durability wise, :the pink side is super delicate, so do take care when playing with it. You do run the risk of losing a couple of nubs if you choose to ignore that. Definitely not the case with the yellow side though. - I'm by no means well hung, sitting at a comfy 6' and I definitely ended up poking through all the way rather easily. Bit noisy as a result too. If you have others like this though, combining them yields a VERY intense experience especially with the yellow side stroking your head (I have the same problem with this one: but putting them together was mindblowing.) Other than that, definitely a must buy imo. Easy to clean, small enough to comfortably store, comes with a bag and a small bit of lube. Cover art is also adorable, too. Overall, definitely recommend especially for the price!

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  • | 3/3/2018

    Nice but a little pricey

    Visual wise it looks nice and the box looks and feels premium. It also comes with a plastic storage bag for it. Feels great and is easy to clean too. Only downside is it's price

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  • | 1/18/2018

    Definitely Recommended

    Though this was my first one, I thoroughly enjoyed using it. I thought it would be fine to reverse it to clean, but that's resulted in some premature tearing in the hole's hard section. I would think many of the reviews with the other Fuwa Cyun hole apply here.

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