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Hot Gimmick

Mature Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Mature Onahole

Anime themed Mature Women Masturbator from Japan

The Hot Gimmick is a hentai themed male masturbator from Magic Eyes Japan. They are known for the great artwork on their boxes, and the artwork for the Hot Gimmick is no different, featuring an illustration of a young woman with huge breasts and camel toe erotically touching herself. The onahole itself is rather strange looking, as it looks like it is made up of multiple vaginal lips and folds with a clitoris-like structure on the bottom. The tunnel of this sex toy is dual-layered with a strong, yet soft material on the outside, and a stimulating vaginal-like material on the inside. The tunnel structure is dark pink and consists of three rings that offer varying levels of tightness, all to provide a pleasing and arousing massage along the length of your penis. The inner material winds throughout these three rings, and features a series of flesh-like bumps, grooves and folds. All of these combine to provide a highly stimulating sensation. Can you handle this busty girl and her tight, sensual hole?

The Hot Gimmick Male Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Hentai Onahole Made by Magic Eyes Japan
  • Dual-Layer, Closed-Hole Type Male Masturbator
  • Portable and Durable with Highly Stimulating 3D Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Onahole Weight: 360 Grams / Dimensions: 200 x 110 mm


4 Customer Reviews for Hot Gimmick

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by Jiima August 29, 2020
One of my fav

Have you ever had sex with silk well this one will get it.
The red texture is really awesome and very confortable i can't get enough of it and will order this onahole again.

Bad point:
Is it a little bit short i'm an average Europeen and i hit the end, thanks this onaholca can stretch.
the red texture is fragile it ripped at the deppest part and let me "hit" the hard texture, it feel good but ripping is not a part of the deal.
Can't felt the ring they should be harder 2 ring whould be enough one at the entrace the other 2/3 of the way.

by Francis July 13, 2018
Good While It Lasts

The box art is amazing, really sets the fantasy of sliding into a big titted milf whose been starved for sex. This one's a bit on the smaller side as far as holes go, so beware of stretching or tearing around the entrance if you're even reasonably sized. The bands inside can give you a decent bit of tightness, but be careful! They'll stretch out over time, and if you're too rough they can snap (mine broke and even tore the inner lining). Decent hole overall, but not meant for any rough use.

by J May 15, 2018
Tempting box art, design and inviting.. but.

What the other review said. Although can't agree with the entry hole since it's much bigger than most. Tears get gradually worse over time which is unfortunate because a couple glances at this thing will turn you on.

My "Johnny" isn't the smallest nor the biggest but this one felt a little short for me. Reaching the end didn't feel as satisfying, neither did the grips feel "too" good. Trying to make the best of this hole will be entirely up to how you use it.

by Orange February 2, 2018
Tries to be different, but...

This was my first hole, so I might be a lot gentler in my review (please take note!) but I'll make this as understandable as possible:

The hot gimmick is an interesting entry into ME's product line, but while it packs a hefty initial punch, problems slowly surface over time. Mainly, the outer material being a little too firm- coupled with the small entry hole it split apart after 2 weeks or so and the tear got noticeably worse. The ring gimmick also slowly got looser which lessened the stimulation slightly, but some users might like that aspect. The inner material is INSANELY strong and will last, but as the onahole itself is comparatively smaller, the stimulation might also be a bit strong for the average user (which can be remedied with thick lubricant). Quality wise it's a little all over the place, but if your lil' guy isn't that big you'll definitely like this. Cleaning is OK, but as mentioned above, the entry hole is small and you'd want to be careful with it just in case you accidentally rip it.

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