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Inwaku Suggestion Kiwami

by maccos Japan
Your fully flexible Japanese Romance
Maker maccos Japan
Weight 6000 Grams
Dimensions 350x230x170mm
US$310.20 save US$69.56
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/2/2022

    Bought for the Thighs stayed for the Ass.

    Finally dived into the world of hips, and its a pretty hefty 6kg. Out of all the hips on market, there wasn't many that scratched my thigh fantasy - until I came across this beauty. Be aware that this is not a very large hip, if you are expecting a life sized or accurately proportioned hip this isn't it. In fact the size and shape is more similar to a small child's - so the wait continues for my 2B's thigh loving brothers out there. So what do you get with these hips? It is very firm, much more than most standard onaholes but still soft and pleasant to touch. The material was chosen likely to keep shape and prevent damage from moving the inner frame. I say frame but its a solid curved pipe holding the entire lower torso and two pipes for a thigh each. You can bend each thigh independently to create different play positions. There is a sort of bending spring that joins the thighs and base, mine came very tight honestly and it took quite a bit of effort whenever I want to change the position of the thighs. A plus I guess is that the thighs would stay in position without worrying about falling apart. However on my second use of the product one of the springs either broke or came loose making it no longer being able to stay in position on its own. I actually didn't mind it - it gave the thigh much more flexibility that I ended up purposefully breaking the other one to make the same. Now I don't have to fight with the thing if I ever needed to change position quickly while in play. Let's talk about the vigina, its really spacious and deep - bigger fellas will feel right at home. In fact its wide enough that I could fit my entire hand in it. The numerous ribs and folds in the tunnel are really pleasant nothing bad I can say about them. The entrance however could be better constructed, its too wide and too thin making inserting not too fun an experience. You can loosen and even open the entrance up by spreading the legs apart, and if u want a tighter experience you can bring the thighs together. Now the real star of the show is the anal hole, its positioned much better than the vagina allowing u to enter from pretty much any position. It has by default much tighter and snug than the vagina that it is just a much more comfortable experience for me personally. With so many options for experimenting positions you really need to spend time to find what works for you - I would not recommend this if you plan on doing quickies only. One of my favorite positions with either holes is sitting down bellies facing together, this position is most natural and its easy to enter either holes. You can thrust the hip up and down by either grabbing the waist or thighs. Another position is raised doggy style, the put the thighs together, prop the bum upwards and go to town - place it on a desk, down on a bed or even against a wall, you can try a thigh sandwich too. Yes cleaning is likely the most difficult thing, its literally too large for my sink so clean ups have to be done in my bath tub. Overall its a very unique hip that takes a bit more effort on your part to enjoy, definitely not a cheap product so think wisely before investing. If there's anything I would say could improve this product personally I think a softer and less firm material would make it more realistic and it wouldn't hurt to introduce a dual layer structure either for the vagina. That being said the next evolution up from this would be really crazy to see!

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  • | 9/17/2021


    Honestly, I've pretty much only used masturbators my entire adult life, so I don't have much in the way to compare this too. Closest thing I could compare this to that is similar, are blowup dolls (which suck by the way). This is my first Hip that I have ever purchased, so I don't have much to go on. I like the quality. It doesn't necessarily feel like real skin, but is a close substitute. The insides do feel amazing however. I haven't used it much due to the weight since I like to lay down and masturbate rather than stand up or try out positions, mostly because I am very tall and don't have the necessary items to be able to prop this thing up to get the desired height I need. I do like the posable thighs, but it ends up adding quite a bit of weight. The insides are pretty realistic, not exact, but very well done in my opinion. But, since I haven't thoroughly used this, I can't give a good indication on it's durability. I heavily use masturbators, which end up splitting after only a few months of daily use. This so far after 7 uses hasn't seemed to show any signs of degradation which is awesome so far, but we'll see as I continue to use this. So, for now I'll give this a 5 star in quality. Might change it to a 4 star depending on how long this lasts for me. The price is expensive for a hip, but it is understandable with the metal adjustable limbs and mostly realistic silicone flesh. Hence the 3 stars I gave this. Despite how expensive this is, the quality helps keep it's value pretty high for the money spent. So far, this will be a 5 star until I can get a chance to thoroughly test this out. The durability as I have stated previously, is one of the major factors I look for in toys since I seem to wear them down rather quickly, and will be taken into account as I test this out further and will warrant an update to this review in the future if the durability doesn't hold for very long. Side note, cleaning this can be a chore, but definitely do so. Keeping it clean and applying powder as recommended will help durability last longer and keep it's skin feeling mostly realistic longer and help keep elasticity. Overall, I recommend getting this for any masturbation enthusiast such as myself.

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  • | 8/14/2021

    $200 sure, $400 no way

    Squeezability: 6/10 Thighjob: 2/10 Vaginal Access: 3/10 Vaginal Feel: 7/10 Anal Access: 9/10 Anal Feel: 6/10 Cleanability: 4/10 Base Price Value: 6/10 Base+Shipping Value: 3/10 Good: *DEEP ENOUGH FOR WESTERN PENISES* Has weight Good plapping Thighs arent too hard to move and will stay in place The most important part of an onahole, to me, is being able to bottom out and leave them nuts hanging out, and I have broken every single other onahole I've ever owned doing this because they werent deep enough. This one? This one is deep enough that going balls deep is not a problem anymore. Bad: Spreading the legs apart too much will make the vagina queef while fucking it No easy way to rinse after use If you have weak arms it will tire you out real quick Shipping price is absurd It can be a challenge finding a good position to put the thighs in to use the vagina properly, this might be a bad thing for some people, but i'm an ass man, and the butthole is easier to access, so this is fine with me.

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