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Julia Plus +

by EXE
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Enjoy JAV Star Julia's Beautiful Body
Maker EXE

The Julia Plus + Onahole by EXE Japan is the new and revised edition of the extremely popular original Julia Plus Onahole based on the queen of Japanese porn and her superb tits. This miniature torso onahole not only offers a stimulating love tunnel to work your member into powerful orgasms, but it also features a curvy body and large shapely tits modelled on Julia herself. The Julia Plus + Male Masturbator is made from premium materials on the exterior making Julia's body a delight to fondle and touch, and a softer pink material making up the inner tunnel that offers an amazingly realistic vaginal-sex replication experience. If you're a fan of Julia and her movies, this onahole is absolutely the best way to enjoy them and experience Julia on a much more intimate level.

The Julia Plus + Onahole Features:

  • Mini Torso Male Masturbator by EXE
  • Based on Japanese Porn Star Julia
  • Dual-Layer Structure
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 700 Grams
  • Dimensions: 180 x 90 mm

User Reviews

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  • | 2/28/2022

    Really soft & nice onahole

    Bought this along with shangri la girl and lolinco, julia+ is the softest among them. I really enjoyed using this for long sessions because of the mild stimulation. However, I had micro tears after the first use leaving it having many small holes, it did not worsen after that fortunately. Overall a great onahole if you like soft ones

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  • | 2/14/2022

    Very Recommended

    Really nice feeling as you slide in, used many times and very easy to clean.

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  • | 11/26/2021

    For all you Julia lovers

    I must say, as a Julia lover, this was everything I could ask for. The outer design consisting of breasts, ass and labia provide not only visual stimulation but something to play with while enjoying the stimulation from the hole. This isn't the most intense or tight hole but it feels amazing. Has to be the most realistic onahole available.

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  • | 5/15/2021

    Underwhelming, but perfectly fine. It's like the ZXY but without the best parts of the ZXY.

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Julia+, and it's certainly not bad. It feels a bit more on the realistic side of things, and shares some similar sensations to the ZXY, though it lacks the distinctive features that made the ZXY stand out (namely, the two mounds on the top side of the ZXY's inner textures that apply pressure). The result makes for a fairly boring experience overall, but will still get you off, no problem. I'm more likely to use this for longer sessions, but when I'm still looking for something that feels a bit more realistic. It's also quick and easy to clean, making it all the more better for longer sessions. The design itself is fine. The breasts on the toy don't do much for me considering the overall size and proportions of the toy. I'd rank it above the "Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole" but below everything else I've tried. I wouldn't recommend this as a starter unless you have a more sensitive penis and you'd prefer realism. But if you want higher stimulation and realism, then get the Meiki ZXY.

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  • | 1/19/2021

    Surprisingly Realistic, Highly Recommended

    If you're Looking for something that feels like the real thing? Well this is it. Even looking into the orafice looks like the real thing. When I first slid into it I couldn't help but (accidentally) express it verbally. When combined with a heater it'll blow your mind. My only complaint is that it is a tad loose, even for someone with an above average penis.

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  • | 12/31/2020

    Truly one of the best1

    Try it and you'll know what i mean. Great shape and the feeling is great all around your cock!

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  • | 10/5/2020

    Good but not better

    I am never try EXE before, compare to my size that average as asia. I felt that it was too small to not have any pressure by itself. Its waist is too small to look unbalanced.

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  • | 8/9/2020

    Julia + Plus onaho Jav EXE is the best on the market

    Love the extra inner layer of material

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  • | 10/25/2019

    one of the best you can buy

    this is an amazing onahole. the variety of stimulation is great - the lips at the start are a different feel to midway through and then balls deep. the stimulation isnt strong but is intense. the material is very soft and squishy but it feels brilliant regardless, proving that the material softness isnt what makes an onahole good or bad imo. in my top 5.

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  • | 10/6/2018

    Nice size and feel while it lasts

    Nice size for such price and feels quite good while it lasts and is still in best shape. Feels s bit tight, and has very narrow canal at middle point of waist, where it stimulates your gland very nicely. Mine however developed a tear after third use in that section, so if felt less and less good after that. Also very thin at waist section due to such design, which is reason it probably split there internally there. This toy is actually ''Made in China'' for EXE, so this may be cause for quality issue. For the money I'd expect better quality.

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  • | 8/29/2018

    Great feeling, decent material

    The sensations given off by this are like no other onahole. For the price the quality is not bad and despite being an older toy it really stands out amongst the newer ones today

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  • | 8/14/2018

    TOO BIG (and thats NOT such a bad thing)!

    Before buying this Onahole I've always used smallish holes like Admission and the Ju-C Puti line so I didn't make notice of its size. When I use this hole I have to grip it with both hands lest it falls of my dick or flaps around madly since I can only reach close to the middle of the tunnel which isn't so bad since I can do some exercise and pleasure myself at the same time. Despite its length the feeling around the tunnel is superb, tight and intense guaranteed to give you every buck of your money back as pleasure. FINAL CONSIDERATION: if you're on the smaller side of the penis spectrum (3 to 4 inch) this might be too big for you unless you don't mind the extra effort of "dual gripping" or excessive flapping.

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  • | 6/4/2018

    Welcome to heaven.

    I love using Julia, compared to the other holes I have she doesn't feel too tight or small in any manner. The hole is great at holding lube and it doesn't absorb too much either. With that said this is probably why I usually last much longer than any other sessions. The feeling of the lips on the Glans is heavenly and teasing the hole feels fantastic. The dual layer tunnel featuring those nubs feel amazing compared to using the Puni Ana where I barely feel anything inside the vaginal tunnel. The tunnel nubs stimulate you in a way that can only be beaten by the real thing. So far it's held up well after 10 or so sessions. I'd suggest using powdering after 3-4 sessions. I can easily recommend this to anyone as a first time hole if you want a sure thing!

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  • | 6/2/2018

    One heck of a sensation

    I've been using this onahole for quite a while and it has almost made my want to replace my NPG Aika onahole but I'm also comparing this to the Zokei Kiwami Julia hole as well. This torso type hole has a very interesting design as there is no actual "vacuum chamber" but I consider the initial entrance as the "vacuum chamber" as it seems to somehow keep all the lube inside during use. The dual layer design turned out to be very good, the outside is nice and soft while the inside gives on heck of a sensation when you use the right lube. EXE includes a small bottle of lube with this hole and I honestly wish I could buy a separate one because it pairs extremely well. The lube consistency is thicker than the Toy's Heart Onatsuyu lube (consistency is somewhere in the middle between thick/thin). For guys with longer units this would be a decent hole for sure but even with average units you'll have a good time. The internal design of the hole builds up the sensation overtime as you go at it making you want to keep coming back for more. As for cleaning it wasn't too bad you can go with the simple method of filling it up with water and flushing out the insides and then following up with antibacterial soap or a dedicated onahole cleaner. Drying the inside might be a bit harder using the tissue wrapped around finger method but its doable and I would also suggest a light dusting of baby powder or corn starch to keep the outside layer feeling smooth but it doesn't seem to attract much debris so you won't have to do it as much.

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  • | 3/3/2018

    Very accurate to a real vagina stimulation

    Feels close to an actual vagina. It's durable, easy to clean and can retain lube in it for a while it is large enough to accommodate most men.

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  • | 2/4/2018

    Meaty sensation

    If you're into meaty sensation with moderate stimulation, this is an onahole for you. However, quality wise, the sensation will start to wear off after 3 months of constant use.

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  • | 10/1/2017

    The best julia onahole!

    It really feels great when you penetrate it, and i love the texture, this is a must if youre going to watch some jav julia videos!!

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