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Julia´s Onahole

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Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 November 15
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 650 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 190x100x80mm

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User Reviews

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  • | 3/1/2017

    An good toy drown by marketing

    First Warning, if you are look for some authentic exclusive Julia video, the site is down as this review is written. If the video is some how revived it would definitely improve the value of this toy BUT this review will be focusing on the toy itself and anything beside the toy itself will be reflected on the value rating. The actual rating of the toy is actually 3.5 but I cannot bring up points to counter how to bring it up to 4 star for quick score on the site. The reviewer have decent amount of play time on Kiwami Julia and Julia+. The reviewer also have decent amount of play time on other AV star toys. For base line Kiwami Julia is a representation of a 5 star toy, and Julia+ would be 4.5 stars. Now back to our Julia's Onahole, from the exterior, it is about the size of your typical mekei and the overall sculpture is a fantasize version of Julia's torso as the "waist" is very narrow compare to the voluptuous "bust" and "butt". This is an understandable but ultimately the Achille's heel of this toy and continues to haunt it's quality rating. The narrow waist provides an awkward grip should you try to hold the toy in a firm grip right in the middle of the it. The waist also tend to bend if you hold the toy by the "bust" or "butt" while placing the toy horizontally or trying to enter the toy. For those who are interested in exterior play, the boobs are not completely independent and the butt cheeks only provide a swallow crack, but the butt cheeks are rounded out on the side , a belly button is curved and the bust sides are concaved. The toy have terrible balance as the top and bottom are heavy and the narrow waist doesn't help; however full torso feature is always welcome. The fake vagina are simple outlines sculpted where it should be and the entrance is a simple round hole of 8mm before stretch out. Lubricanting the hole isn't difficult as the vagina sculptures do retain some lubricant, although it isn't easy like other toys with a more generous entrance. Since this is a non-through hole which means you have to sqeese the air in to suck up the lubricant, doing so the first time would finally release the otherwise non-existent silicone smell. It would take a while to fully lube the hole and expel all the smell as it is deeper than typical onaholes. Entering require some force and the thin waist as mentioned make things finicky as the toy would bend around or stretch out so you would need hold the bust and butt to overcome the tight canal immediately after the entry. Heading on the canal enlarges but it still keeps good pressure on you. Now if you are of average size like the reviewer you wouldn't hit the end of the canal for entering gently, but if you thrust or push harder while holding the hole firmly you can hit the plain wall. The individual ridges and nubs within the hole isn't pronounce but definitely provide suction and friction. The uniform circumference design allow the toy to be play in any position at your desire with the same interior experience. The deep canal also help preventing leakage even after you deposit. So far I have deliberately avoiding to talk about the materials of this toy as its external layer warrant it's own paragraph. The external layer is in rich pink with low transparency, it is very squishy but bouncy at the same time so it can be stretch alot without being damaged. If you lay the toy down it doesn't slush down the narrow waist but laid firm with shouder blades and butt. While it is stretchy enough that you can't proceed for this kind of play on its own, you can stretch, sqeeze or even twist the toy for all sorts of creative play. Remember the last paragraph mentioning about hitting the end of the canal? It was specificly mentioned as hitting the plain surface backing by this material provide full contact of the head with pressure, and it is fun. The material have enough surface tension so even if it pick up lint or other foreign material when you put it down or drop it they wouldn't dig in. The heft of this 650g toy is coming from this material and all in all is definitely a good material for onaholes and its derivatives. The toy is dual layer as advertised but the internal layer is the similar clear material used in the 2nd generation Mekei with, with the rich pink silicone exterior it is hard to see but you can definitely feel the difference with your fingers but not extraordinary. While the material of this toy is great it isn't design for flipping inside out for cleaning so you need to have it right under the faucet to wash over or even submerge and sqeeze it to get down the deep canal to clean it. This toy does package with one package of lubricant sufficient for a single use. It is a rather thicker type of lubricant that helps it going allover the place. Conclusion, while this toy have the same heft of Julia+ and external material provided the feel that rivals Kiwami Julia, the overall the design is generic and the narrow mid section makes the toy more finicky than it should have been; so it is better than a average onahole but not notsble. If the toy wasn't attached with any AV star it could be sold at a lower price point and if the unique video is maintained or provided in other medium it could have been great value. Meike usually come with a sizeable bottle of lotion so that could help it's value too.I would not recommend this toy for people who seek a rendezvous with Julia, but do recommend it to those of her fans and other AV star enthusiasts as a practical token of support.

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