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Magic Eyes Outlet Bag

Magic Eyes Outlet Bag

by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic Eyes Release 2021

The Magic Eyes Outlet Bag is one of the best Grab Bags we have ever seen. Every Bag comes with at least 2 Onaholes of Magic Eyes extensive and high quality line up as well as an Ona Cup masturbator and a bottle of lubricant. This means HUGE savings for you with this very limited Bag compare to the regular prices of the Onaholes.

This item is available exclusively only at otonaJP outside of Japan and selected Asian markets.

Please note!

  • Onaholes come without their original box
  • Items are B grade, so they have slight cosmetically mistakes
  • the Bag can not be returned or refunded
  • only 1 per Order

User Reviews

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  • | 6/23/2022

    Incredible Value

    It is a great lucky bag for the price, including tax and shipping. Even with the expensive shipping I still got more than what I bargained for. I got 3 onaholes, 1 ona cup and lube. The 2 onaholes that I got were Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini as well as Monster Alraune La Pucelle. The last onahole I have no clue what it is, although it is quite big and reminds me of some sort of scales as the design. The Ona Cup I got was Uniform NUDE Blazer R Cup Doll. The lube I got was Wet Meiki's Lube 360ml. Overall awesome pack, and great that it comes from Magic Eyes.

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  • | 4/26/2022

    Best Starter Pack

    This is one of the best bangs for your buck, I got 3 holes and 1 cup and 1 lube. I got really lucky with the coin flips, the holes I got were FeFe Experience Onahole, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo (Idk if it's hard or normal) and Puruman Angel, the cup I got was Uniform NUDE Sailor S Cup Doll. The lube I got was a 180ml hard type lube, which I was looking to try out. There was only 1 problem I had and that was that the holes stank, Idk if it was due to the hot temperature or humidity but it did not smell nice. But with that said, I would recommend getting this for your first buying choice.

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  • | 1/14/2022

    Just... Wow

    This was my first time ordering something of this nature. I honestly was not expecting much from this, but boy was I wrong. I ended up getting: Uniform NUDE Sailor, both hard and soft versions of Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium, La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD, and Wet Meiki's Lube 360ml. The Roses Crystal had cosmetic damage around the entrance (missing a couple of chunks of material), but it doesn't affect usability in any way. Definitely worth the price, thanks OtonaJP!

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  • | 1/13/2022

    Worth it

    I got: 1: La vie en ROSES(It came with some dents) 2: The Mouth of Truth Perorin 3: Kupa Trip Fukasubomari Jigoku(It was really sticky) 4: Uniform NUDE Sailor S Cup Doll 5: Wet Meiki's Lube 360ml I think it is pretty much worth it

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  • | 1/11/2022

    I'm happy that i buy it .

    Its funny because you dont know what you have until it comes to you , but its have good quality and price for it .

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  • | 12/18/2021

    Very pleasantly surprised

    Oh boy, i wanted to extend my collection, so i went for this. I lucked out. My bag contained a Sailor S Cup Doll, Wet Meiki´ s Lube 360ml, TWO Lolincos with minor blemishes and one La Via en Roses (Crystal Hard) I am not picky about looks and they all feel great. Thank you Otona JP for this amazing grab bag. The bag itself is cool too. Reusable.

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  • | 12/18/2021

    Amazing Value

    Got four items and lube instead of two. Great quality products and a great saving

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  • | 12/12/2021

    Excelent value and variety

    If you are not aware of the common practice of 'grab bags' then a quick description; They are bags with products randomly selected and are often a good way to sample a companies products for an excellent discount. Do note, this is often a chance for clearing out some of the less popular inventory; this does not mean the items are of lesser quality. In the bag i got the cup masturbator, the bottle of lubricant, and 3 onaholes. The other magic eyes products i have tried have all been great, so the grab bag seemed like an excellent deal. 1) The bottle of lube was not some small token gesture, but a full sized 360mL bottle. 2) The cup masturbator was just a normal one you would expect. 3) The 3 onaholes are the interesting part as they had no card boxes like onaholes often come in, instead all they had was the normal clear plastic wrapping that is inside of the colored print boxes. The quality of the molding looked normal and they arrived just fine in the bag so it is not very important.

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  • | 12/11/2021

    I got unlucky :(

    With these grab bags, you never know what to expect, as all but maybe one or two of the items are random. With this grab bag, around two to three onaholes, one of those plastic cup onas, and a bottle of lube. The craziest thing is that outside of the onacup, I already owned everything in this bag, and I don't even own that many Magic Eyes products in the first place. It's way too funny to even be mad at. So the contents that I personally got are: Lolinco Extra Virgin, Mouth of Truth Soft, Magic Eyes Natural Type lotion, Uniform NUDE Sailor S cup, and what I believe to be Guchomon Pocket ω (omega). Ordering all of these separately on OtonaJP or at least their equlivants, equaled to $108 USD for me, and the bag shows up as $37 USD. Including shipping, buying separate was around $172 USD (FedEx Express) and $86 USD for the bag. So that rounds up around 50% savings. Even though I whomped on the purchase, it's honestly a great deal if you've been eyeing Magic Eyes products and don't own any, and don't mind what you're getting either.

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