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Neotenic Fairy

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Big Hip Masturbator for Men

Magic Eyes are an absolute goliath in the onahole making industry as they just keep churning out amazing toys that most people love. Well, they've done it again with the Neotenic Fairy Onahole. It's a scaled-down hip male masturbator made up of three high-quality Magic Eyes materials. The outer layer mimics real skin and is soft to the touch and squeeze. The second layer spreads throughout the middle of the onahole and is designed to apply some pressure and tightness to the inner material and tunnel. And the third layer makes up the inner tunnel itself. The tunnel is made up of three chambers right at the entrance, and further in, there are a series of bumps and ridges followed by a cervix-like pitchfork that further adds to the stimulation. The result of all of these layers and textures is one awesome feeling sex toy. The weight of the toy is 1.8kgs so it's sturdy and will need two hands to handle. Or you could just lay it on a bed or desk and keep your hands free to wander. Take this little fairy home with you today and experience her magical love cave as you wish.

The Neotenic Fairy male sex toy Features:

  • High-Quality, Sturdy Onahole by Magic Eyes Japan
  • Triple-Layer 3D Tunnel With Multiple Textures
  • Tight & Unique Tunnel Design
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lube Included
  • Weight: 1800 Grams
  • Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 110 mm

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Brand: Magic EyesProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 2/28/2022

    Pretty good for stress

    its not 100 percent perfect, but the weight to it certainly help.

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  • | 1/30/2022

    Surely not a bad fairy

    It's hard to describe any feelings because that is very individual. Because, you know, someone loves "soft" feelings, someone "hard", different sensitivity, sizes, etc. So this is very personal opinion. First of all, this toy is good to play in the missionary pose (on daki/pillow or not), or standing, playing with it on the corner of the table. Next, appearance. It looks very nice and accurate. No issues on the service. Next, quality. And here is an issue. For the average sized European the entrance (big lips) is not very flexible and will tear after 1st use. But don't panic. The entrance is a part of the "cover" of the real toy inside. There will be no issues if you like it slow and deep without pulling out. Otherwise you might "dig" between the outer layer of the toy and the inner one. If you have a "carrot" similar to porn movies or like it fast, hard or with full "pull out" then skip this toy. The back of the toy is very soft which might be an issue for long "carrots". If your carrot around 16 cm long and you like soft and log play - that is perfect toy. Longer than this might be bad for toy and you will go through it on the first few uses. Next, feeling. This is very soft toy and I must admit it is also a little tight which is great for soft sessions. You can't feel big lips but the entrance after them you will surely feel. All curves and inner structure doing their job and stimulates you a lot. So many soft and moist feelings... What about cervix ? I can feel it somewhat. It's very similar to real feelings if you can hit correctly. But don't expect any "wow" effect. Its there and you can barely feel it. If you're searching for the cervix toy - skip this one. Next, cleaning. You should take your time to clean it. You should not turn the toy inside out so you need to accurate "fingering" her with soap fingers and use compact enema to wash out anything from her insides. Multiple times. Until there is nothing coming out. Then wipe it with the towel, shake a little so any water will came out and then us powder to finish your cleaning process. Additionally you can add powder inside her, very accurate pouring so her inner walls wont be glued which can happen in the future. Then - store he somewhere. And few words about preparing. Of course you can take it and use right there but it will be cold and unpleasant. So preparations should be done also. You can use warmers or place her in the warm (not hot) water for several minutes. Or you can take her to the bath and do your bathing with her. Then just clean her with clear water and go with her into the bed. Summary, give it a try if everything is true: - Carrot length is less than 17 cm; - Carrot girth is not what it looks in the porn movies. Perfect for Asians or "below average" Europeans; - Love soft and long play; - Your carrot is sensitive; - Love soft and moist feelings; - Want to play on daki/pillow, in the missionary pose, on the table; - Have 5-10 minutes for preparations and cleaning processes;

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  • | 3/23/2018

    Good hole

    Tight in entrance, very good sensation not to hard or loose, but I don't realy feel the "uterus".

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