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Plump Real

by Toys Heart
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Maker Toys Heart

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 450 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 180x65mm

User Reviews

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  • | 10/10/2021

    Great toy, extremely durable

    I bought this toy almost four years ago, and I've loved it ever since. The only casualty is a small rip at the very end that doesn't affect the sensation and I didn't notice was there for a long time because it felt like it was a part of the toy. As for the feel, it is not too tight nor too loose, you can use it for either an intense session whilst using the dropping shaped thing for extra stimulation or a slow, lazy wank. You can adjust suction at will, the yummy fat folds, however without an internal structure and the bends in the fat folds make it kinda floppy to hold. As for how it feels, it can be tight or loose at will with a squeeze to add extra suction and sensation, but it’s not as extreme as some of the other toys I’ve used such as Lolinco Virgo. The outer "skin" also feels very smooth, the fat folds look heavenly, and the size of the toy is perfect for 5.5", as I've never seen the top stretch more than a tad. Also doesn't leak much. Overall, I think this is a good all-rounder, but I just wish it was more stimulating, but that's because I'm a small bit of a masochist.

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  • | 1/1/2021

    The interior is wide, so if you're average then there is no suction and you'll need to squeeze a bit or angle the onahole to rub on the side. The tickler at the end is a nice touch.

    This hole is huge by onahole standards. It's deep, wide, and is possibly the best material I've ever felt an onahole made out of. still one of my favorites, bought many, it works great for me, average 5" length/girth it accordions so you can reach deep to her last chamber, where there is a nub to stimulate your tool. I use a thick lube and a suction happens within the last chamber...that last chamber is the best part of this toy. cleans easily, can flip it inside out if need be, nice size toy, box art is awesome, only thing now i notice is the front entrance looks like the intake of a jet engine, not the sexiest i know but her inside are what brings you back, i enjoy her

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  • | 11/28/2019

    Nice suction!!!

    This is a first time i bought an onahole. A quality product. Honestly, it looks bad outside but I am really comfortable and excited inside it. Just a bit loud when i squeezed it. Be careful! But yea! 9,5/10. I definitely recommend the product

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  • | 9/7/2018

    Suction for Days

    There's really no way to understate it. This hefty little hole has some serious suction to it. The material is just hard enough and the interior is just intricate enough to give you a great sensation when you squeeze the air out. It'll grip you along the entire length and release you with a pop. A great choice for longer, more relaxed sessions. Just be careful about the noise.

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  • | 8/10/2018

    one of the best medium sized onahole

    best I've used of this price range, definite recommend

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  • | 6/7/2018

    A Bit Loud

    Wouldn't exactly recommend this one if you have a smaller member but it still feels great if you can reach the end of the onahole. A bit louder than most other onaholes I have used tho

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  • | 5/13/2018

    Very good suction

    There is a lot of people saying that you need to be a certain size to enjoy this onahole. Even if your member doesn't reach the end of the tunnel, as long as you can push it down to your tip it should be fine. When you do that, the craziest suction will pull on your dick and it feels amazing. One drawback if I had to say, would be the noise it makes. It can be quite loud.

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  • | 4/15/2018

    Good suction, unique texture inside

    This onahole isn't exclusively for large users, but I wouldn't get this if you're on the small side. The cavity is a bit larger than my other holes and the nub at the end feels wonderful but obviously not if you can't reach it. The interior material feels a bit harder than what I usually go for but balances this by not throwing in aggressive bumps or ridges. The details are well-defined and pleasant. The grooves at the opening are also very handy. Lube goes right in, doesn't come right out.

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  • | 11/3/2017


    Don't get irritated by people, saying that this is an onahole for "BIG" guys that measure at least 15cm and above...that's not true. Shure by default this thing is quite wide inside with plenty of space, so the stimulation is quite moderate, BUT!!! here is my advise for using this things wideness (and i think it is actually suppossed to work that way, beacause it's so easy to do): when inside, just press the air out of's quite easy to do, because there is a big chamber with air at the last third of it...and THEN this thing shines with crazy can grip you really, really tight...depending on how much air you manage to press out of it. And the fact that it's so thicc and heavy, adds a lot to the feeling...beeing grabbed by a really tight and at the same time fleshy p**** I have never seen an Onahole like this...already my favorite. The price is a little more, than the average onahole, but if you are looking for strong suction + really meaty or fleshy feeling...go for this one ;)

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  • | 8/27/2017

    Great hole with a different feel

    I have used a handful, pun intended, of onaholes in the past but this one is already one of my favorites. It has a pretty heavy weight to it compared to other onaholes but its a good thing because it opens up some options for possible techniques to use. the inside feels very different than others i have used but again, a great thing All in all because of the original feel to it, whether you are getting this as your first or tenth onahole, its an amazing product that I would definitely recommend. :)

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