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Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro

Hip Onahole by EXE
$129.17 $92.49 Save $36.68
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Product Type: Hip Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2400 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 100x200x210mm


4 Customer Reviews for Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro

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by Sierra April 4, 2019
OK Product

Not terrible, but for the price the quality is a bit low. Some of the thinner parts started to tear less than a week in.

by Plopy July 17, 2018
Pretty disapointing

This was my thirst large onahole and it was a real dispointement. None of both hole was really good feeling, it's a really soft one but i'd like to at least be able to have a real difference between the hole. And the butt entrance is pretty weak and scratched pretty fast.
The flush hole is for me really a bad thing, taking away any sucion feeling and it's doesn't help a lot wahing it. Plus if you go to rough it feel bad passing by it, and make the lube leak away.
Overall it's a huge disapointement and i won't recomend it at all considering it's price.
Oh, and the fact that it's pink is a bit underwhelming considering the nice tan art on the pakage.

by gb December 17, 2017
Very soft. Fragile if not careful.

Its very soft. You should use very thin lube if you want to feel the tiny nubs and ridges of the insides. Make sure you lube every part of the insides or you'll make the same mistake I did and accidentally rip a new hole. If you don't lube it up well, you'll find that your member ends up getting "caught" inside instead of being able to follow through the tunnel.

I have the normal version as well and I like to switch between the two for different days. If I feel like I want more stimulation I'd use the normal version. If I want something more gentle that hugs my member with care I'd use the soft version.

by christian August 10, 2017
Excellent product, lack of accessories

Wish it included a pair of undies or something like some other hip products

Also the included lotion is really really small

Otherwise really nicely shaped, good texture ; the weight really brings a lot of appeal when you use it

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