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Real Body 3D Bone System GLAMOROUS GOTHIC

Scaled Sex Doll "Real Body 3D Bone System GLAMOROUS GOTHIC" by SSI Japan

  • Maker: SSI Japan
  • Sku: [予約]リアルボディ+3Dボーンシステム グラマラスゴシック
Real Body 3D Bone System GLAMOROUS GOTHIC

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Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Oct 6
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 7000 Grams
Product Dimensions: 480x280mm

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overall excellent toy but...
So I'm sure there's a lot of people wondering about this item; I'll try to keep it simple.

-you can pound the daylights out of this thing and it will bounce right back.
-very durable material
-20 lbs, you can lay it on anything and it won't move and not too heavy to man handle it on top of you
-body feels great, the 3d mold inside gives the toy a realistic touch when you squeeze it
-breasts have great weight to them
-orifices are nice and tight
-the ass is tight and bouncy, doggy style feels the best

-royal pain in the ass to clean (i had to actually come up with a workflow on how to clean this thing without wasting too much water, since it's too big to fit into the sink, it's best to clean it in a bath tub, if you do want to clean it in the sink expect a mess)
-so the orifices are nice and tight, but there aren't any lips, so getting into it at first can be a bit challenging (i kept slipping out, anal is a bit easier since you have the cheeks to help guide you in)

Overall the toy is great quality, if you're up for the maintenance then you'll enjoy it.
Review by - / (Posted on 4/2/2018)
Pretty Great
A bit expensive, but a great product nonetheless. The size is noticeably smaller than 1:1 of the real thing, but still looks great and feels great to handle, though if you aren't particularly strong I could imagine it being difficult to use.
Review by allyourbase / (Posted on 4/24/2017)
1. Quality is really good. 3d bone system really got a point. It`s keep form, easy for poses. But read instructions, because don`t twist it or hard pressure back, or it may brake inside.

2. Value top notch. But i prefered it a bit higher 10-15cm. And holes a bit tighter.

3. Price was with discount. So it`s nice.

Conclusion: I will recommend this product to anyone. For it`s size you will need consider where to store it. And if you need to hide, it will became a problem. Next level it full size doll, but it will be PRICY x10.
Review by Lafry / (Posted on 1/22/2017)

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