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Saki Hatsumi Virgin Hole

Virgin Onahole
(appx. 70.75 )
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Realistic Virgin type masturbator based on famous japanese porn actress Saki Hatsumi. Comes with a small pack of lotion.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 November 2
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 580 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 155x93mm


1 Customer Reviews for Saki Hatsumi Virgin Hole

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by Wstar September 29, 2017
Good, but not as other dual layered models

Real virgin hole, as it actually has entrance sealed. After first penetration it will leak red lubricant. This is good idea, but it may not be the best, as you can make bad rip on entrance during first use and will not feel so good after several uses as tear may expand. As for feel, it is really soft velvety feel, which depends on how much lube you use. Vaginal hole feels comfy and tight and gives smooth sensation, but still feels good. Bad side of dual layer material is, that does not hold lube so good, and you have to re-apply few times if you have longer session as you can feel lack of lube soon after you start using it. Also after several uses, peeling of pink layer will start to happen. After few months of more use (or after regular use), internal tears will start happening, which is common thing with dual layered toys. After some tears, feel will change, and will not feel so good as at start of use. Since this is dual hole model, vaginal canal is at top side. This means much thinner wall at upper side, which is a drawback, as with use canal will expand more at this thinner layer, and will feel a bit looser after more uses. Anal canal is not dual layer, and has spiral internal detail. It is much shallower that vaginal, and feels less tight than vaginal. Sensation vise it is nothing special, and I've rarely used it at all. If you for example need to go for another dual layered toy, this one model is not better from Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole and also is not as durable. I say this from experience, as Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole is one of best hole with dual layer I've tried.

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