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Sexual Squeeze

Onahole by otonaJP
Brand otonaJP
Simulation Vaginal
Fantasy Succubus
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Single Layer
Usability Reusable
Material TPE
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Weight 360g / 0.79lbs
Length / Height 140mm / 5.51in
Width 66mm / 2.6in
Lotion included Yes
Release Year 2021
Product Type Onahole
We have teamed up with our friends at Hot Powers again to bring you the otonaJP excusive Sexual Squeeze. An intense Succubus inspired experience is awaiting you and you will never forget the pleasures she is giving you.

"Born in the Scottish Highlands has this mysterious Succubus been born over 300 Years ago. Her never ending hunger and search for male human has made her restless over the centuries. The never ending hunger is what pushes her forward and her impeccable body will leave you fully satisfied after she is done with you. Are you worthy of her?"
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User Reviews

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  • | 7/11/2021

    Great for price and longer sessions

    Honestly thought this would be harder then it was though i dont mind it. Its hard enough to provide stimulation both when your rock hard or a bit softer (when going multiple times.) Easy to clean just spread it open wash and dry with a towel wraped around your finger. Also seems hard to break unless you intentionally tear on it. Minor cons that dont really have much impact would be the exterior shape is a bunch of irregular rings that dont quite fit my hand nicely. Shape is kind of a slime green color and isnt exactly pleasing to look at, and my last minor complaint is that it had a few dimples on the outside where there were air pockets trapped in creation. These have no impact however as they are only about the size of a pin head. All in all pretty good for the price

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  • | 6/22/2021

    Intense stimulation

    This product has an amazing feel on the inside. Every inch has a bump or a ridge for you to feel and the soft texture allows you to change up the feel. One thing to be careful with is that you can break out the back of it for larger guys. Other than that its great!

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  • | 6/8/2021

    Looks can be deceiving.

    I took a gamble with this one. The boxart implies a special time with a rather special popular succubus. And yet the product is a puke green lumpy mass with... layers. Makes me think of a certain ogre instead. And there I go, I just ruined it for everyone! Or did I? Anyways, this one is an OtonaJP exclusive made by Hotpowers. Hotpowers makes some good products. The onahole is pretty compact. About 14cm long with a 12.4cm tunnel. It claims its as soft as the typical Hotpowers, which is pretty soft, but this one is a bit harder yet still somewhat soft. The wavy tunnel structure is pretty wild with a bunch of folds that you gotta push past, and they're pretty noticeable, constantly rubbing against you. The stimulation is very nice. Big guys will most likely poke the back of it so be careful with it. Dont' jackhammer it. Great with a thin or diluted lube so you can feel all of it. If you can get past the rather baffling visuals, it's a good product to have at a nice price range.

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