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Used Panty of a Young Wife

Japanese Used Panties "Used Panty of a Young Wife" by Magic Eyes

Used underwear of a young japanese wife
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Sku: USED加工パンツ(若妻編)
Used Panty of a Young Wife
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A young horny wife, not enough pleased by her husband who is always at work. This is her panty, full with her dripping pussy juice and the scent of her needy Vagina. Magic Eyes is letting this dream come true now to anyone. This is one of the closes things to the real deal you can have on mother earth. Breathtaking and nothing but sexy. Enjoy the Used Panty of a Young Wife on its own or add it to your love doll or male masturbator. Or how about smelling it when seeing some nice Japanese porn? Comes in a sealed package with photo.

The Used Panty of a Young Wife by Magic Eyes features
  • panty with the perfectly recreated scent of being worn by a young japanese wife
  • comes with staines and smell
  • comes in a sealed bag with photo
  • great to use on its own and the perfect addition to any love doll or male masturbator

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