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Buru Ana

by EXE
$28.60 $19.19 Save $9.41
(appx. 24.72 )
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 200 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 110x60x55mm


8 Customer Reviews for Buru Ana

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by Ale March 18, 2020
good price for the proposal presented

good price for the proposal presented, when I bought it I thought it would be different from others with vibrators but it’s just another common, which doesn’t take away the fact that it’s very stimulating, you should be careful when placing and removing the vibrators if you do it anyway you can damage the onalhole, I liked the purchase. but I wouldn’t buy it again, I’ll try others so I don’t get repeated

by window February 22, 2019
Not really to my taste

Its a very small hole, the texture inside is really not stand out. With the two small vibrators switched on, it is a bit better. The vibrators can be a bit fiddly, you switch them on, then you have to squash them into place, then fish them out again when you are done.
The material of the hole is alright, it seems durable, and the box art is very good. I think the price is reasonable.
Overall I cannot personally recommend, I felt it was a bit gimmicky. You might like it more if vibration is your thing.

by Blucia February 20, 2019
Concept kinda works

The vibrators switch off a lot if I accidentally bump into the switch, then they become a pain to turn back on. They can also get annoying sometimes. Otherwise, onahole itself is pretty good in quality.

by christian September 18, 2018
Good quality , poor execution

the concept is there but it can be really frustrating handling the little vibrators
having to switch them on and off inside can be a hassle especially if you manage to get any lube on your fingers
the actual onahole is very small and combined with the vibrators can feel uncomfortable and resistant

by haruka August 6, 2018
Didn't do it for me

Bought this at a store while in Japan. While the vibrators are a nice gimmick, the insides itself didn't do it for me even with the vibrations. This is possibly due to the size of the toy, myself, or both. If it was a little deeper, this might be great.

by Tony July 16, 2018
Tore a hole, then figured out how to enjoy it better

The 2 little vibrators do not offer much stimulus and can be a bother to change battery (few hours of juice). Additionally, the holes for the vibrators will easily tear if you are not careful. However, once I accidentally puncture the top part, I started noticing how the tightness increased. stimulation was enhanced by letting out most of the trapped air. It was from then on that I noticed I have not been pushing as much air out as I could have. So I tried it out with Mature Type Onahole "Lusty Slut" by Toys Heart. Turned out I need to insert the meat then push the air out by squeezing the top to near bottom, making fart sound. I do not know if Buru Ana could release the air out the same way. Either way, "Buru Ana" by EXE felt gave more tighness and stimulation when there is a vacuum (no trap air).

by Luis March 2, 2018
Quite Enjoyable

First of all the art on the box is very exquisite and erotic which is great. Second the onahole itself feels really good and doesn't require a whole lot of lube. The low price is a definite plus. As for the value it is a good buy and it is pretty durable. The only real downside is that it is a smaller toy but it gets the job done and the vibrations are definitely a novel and enjoyable gimmick.

by gab September 25, 2017
the vibrator is the best

was the first onahole to buy, and the vibration makes it very good compared to the price it has.
the only bad thing is the size, it is very small.

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