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Fairy Onahole

Fantasy Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Fantasy Onahole

Fantasy male masturbator

A crazy fetish onahole from the legends at Toys Heart, the Fairy Onahole. This product is based on the dominating size difference fantasy of fucking a cute little fairy. Her tiny pussy lips spread open and her belly is designed to stretch under the stress of your cock pushing through her entire body. This is one tight hole and it looks sexy as hell during use, reacting in a shocking fashion. If you've got a thing for inflation or abdominal bulges, Fairy Onahole is highly recommended. Made with Toys Heart's Safe Skin material.

The Fairy Onahole by Toys Heart features
  • Fantasy male sex toy based on a cute little Fairy
  • made by Toys Heart
  • realistic dual layer material
  • onahole weight about 340 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 145x80x115mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


8 Customer Reviews for Fairy Onahole

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by Human October 21, 2020
Not too tight but not bad

The fairy onahole is one you most certainty need to use lube, as it's a some what tight fit. The gimmick of bulged is noticeable. The midway point had it's pros and cons: pro it feels good as it applies a far amount of pressure, con it can make cleaning more difficult as you have to get past it. So overall it's an enjoyable toy, just remember to buy when it's on sale.

by Fairy fucker May 6, 2020
Doesn't quite live up

I'm not sure what the bulging aspect is supposed to be like, but it definitely doesn't amount to anything. The whole thing does look like a small fairy girl but ultimately most onaholes that aren't just tubes look that way too so it isn't exactly special. The sensation itself is good but not spectacular. I'm overall still positive on it but I kind of expected it to be tighter or have more of a gimmick

by pk October 25, 2019
ok but not the best

this is an ok onahole - the stomach bulge gimmick doesnt really work and stimulation is quite low. not bad but not something to buy as your first onahole.

by Victor September 17, 2019
Feels good but not very tight

I thought that this would be a bit tight but it not. I previous onahole I used was ToysHeart Virgin Age Admission. That was quite tight. The other reviewer saying this is a tight onahole is flat out wrong. The interior feels pretty good and the material is very soft. But I feel need tightness. I opting for the laboratory soft, which is also a bit cheaper than this onahole.

by Squishy Cat March 17, 2018
Fairy Fantasy

I originally bought this onahole cause the little bulge thing was amusing me, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I got!
First, its size makes it really nice, as you can hold it with both your hands giving the experience more realism: it's like you're really screwing a fairy, not just doing a solo session, which is the feeling that can give a small onahole. Don't get me wrong though, it's not especially big, but the broadness and length are just what you need to enjoy yourself, and that for a really fair price. The little features like the nipples and the "butt cheeks" are also a nice touch.
The inside is pretty plain but god is it efficient! It's pretty tight and just hard enough so it stimulates nicely and doesn't feel like you're sticking your member in a piece of plastic. May seem stupid to precise that but some low quality onahole out here really doesn't give the impression you're doing the real thing as they're too hard on the inside, so it really feels like sticking your d*** in a pile of junk, unless you pour a whole bottle of lubricant in it. Little tip for y'all when using onaholes: insert just the tip of your you-know-what and make little back and forth movements with your hand, it's a really nice feeling, and it works really well with this "Fairy Onahole"!
The texture is smooth and it feels great holding it, so no awkward sticky feeling while doing your thing.
That's pretty much all I have to say about this onahole! It's a nice starter-onahole I think, as it has a good quality and a good price.
The little con though is that the bulge thing doesn't really work for me, so yeah, my original reason for buying this was taken from me, but hey, I prefer that than a "working" bulge but poor quality onahole!

by Mircat January 23, 2018
Great first buy

As this was my first onahole I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased it; but after the first use I'm sold. It's a snug fit and appealing to look at. As someone said before, it has a tendency to try and push you out but it is in no way a problem.

by Deets May 5, 2017
Great Tight Tiny Hole

Welp, this is probably the tightest hole I've ever used.

It's a pretty durable hole and it feels EXTREMELY tight, like even with my small dick size, it still wants to pop right off. A con or pro with this hole is that theres a little gimmick at the very end where the rubber can enter your urethra. It's a really odd sensation and it doesn't really hurt at all.

Other then that this is a really good hole for people who are looking for a extremely tight hole, or people who just wanna screw a fairy.

by Rikko June 25, 2016
Bitch Fairy

Since it is trying to recreate a Fairy I would say the job is well done. The little nipples are well made and the body is nicely shaped. Now the insides well they aren´t tight, surprisingly. What I could say negative to it is that the Onahole is always pushing you out so maintaining a firm grip is necessary.

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