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Frigging Girl

by Toys Heart
Brand Toys Heart
Available on otonaJP since: 2017 August 1
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 230 Grams
Product Dimensions: 130x65x115mm
appx. 33.5
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User Reviews

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  • | 12/20/2018

    Not a Unique Onahole, Better Options within similar price range

    Pros: ----- + Perhaps feel more like a pussy? The coils are not super tight, but not loose either. + Excellent material quality Cons: ------ - The end seems very fragile. When I was using it, the end seemed very weak and easily penetrable. It looks like your dick can make a big hole at the end if you use it too rough. - For some, the feeling may be plain, especially when you are paying 2500 yen. Summary (Better Options For a Similar Price): ---------- Until ToysHeart strengthens this onahole's end, it seems that this onahole will break easily. It really feels like there's only a thin layer of stretchy latex and I am really scared that I will create a hole in the onahole's end if I go too rough. The feeling is not too bad - it's not super amazing, but still enjoyable to use. For 2500 yen, this onahole is not a bad bargain; however, I just feel that there's better options for the similar price range.

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  • | 1/16/2018

    Good but not Perfect

    As you would expect from Toys Heart you get a good onahole delivered here. Qualitatively, the inahole is quite good, even if the inner structure is not overriding (but I have to say this is a high level of criticism). For anyone who wants to have a few weeks of fun with an above-average toy this is just right. (Google Translate so hope u understand)

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