• Sku: はめドル!!育成中 ヒヨコ
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by A-One

  • Maker: A-One


This inflateable doll is super cute and will add a whole new level comparing to just using a regular onahole or masturbator. The life like size and many ways you can dress the doll up are leaving you with endless posibilities to play out all your fantasies.

Please note that clothes and onahole are not included and have to be purchased seperatly. Onaholes fitting with the following sizes: 100x50x180mm

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 July 12
Product Weight (without the package): -
Product Dimensions: after the doll is inflated approx. B81cm W57cm H87cm


3 Customer Reviews for HAME DOL !! HIYOKO

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by fx1 May 16, 2019
good position

This doll is very good face to face sittion position. Open hole is tight smooth

by Carlos March 12, 2019
Cute Anime doll

A good doll to start,

The design of the box is nice, and the doll comes well compressed, I recommend leaving it inflated for a while to remove wrinkles.
If you do not have an inflator it takes about 5 minutes to inflate it, but it takes longer to deflate it, so be patient if you are going to store it.

The hole once inflated tightens the onahole quite well, if you have doubts you can always use the official onahole of hame dol, is the one that fits perfectly.

You can put it in different positions, and the shape of the body allows you to hold it well, also it is easy to clean in the shower if you have messed with lotion.

If you like to invest in dolls you can go little by little adding clothes and other accessories.

by L DK January 7, 2017
Good design

Has a superior graphic design, the overall size is small, the hole to insert the masurbators is small but deep, the material is resistant, does not generate much noise when used, finally the detail of the hands is great in certain positions.

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