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Kari Zeme Yokai Fuwazutsumi

Onahole by Fantastic Baby
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Maker Fantastic BabySimulation VaginalFantasy YokaiHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Single LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 420g (0.93lbs)Length/Height 140mm (5.51in)Width 70mm (2.76in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 5/3/2023

    It's ok

    its very soft and small... almost too soft and small its hard to keep and good amount of lube inside of it and can be very annoying to clean and since its very soft you need to clean it alot and keep it well maintained its nice if you want to finish the hentai or doujin but it feels like the kitsune was use one too many times

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  • | 4/6/2023

    Soft and gooy but somewhat difficult to clean

    I've tried quite a few onaholes at this point and this is certainly the softest I've come across. In fact, it's so soft it's kind of gooy that it would have been more fitting to have a slime theme rather than a Kitsune one. I'm rather sensitive so this one lets me go a lot longer than the usual holes, though even I can't feel the textures that much. It's more of a soft and warm thing than a texture sensation for me. The cons are that it does seem to be fragile as it has been the first hole of mine to tear a little in early use, and cleaning it can be a pain. Getting the interior clean from the aftermath of use hasn't been too much of a problem but everything sticks to the outside. If you use a towel to pat it dry then it will probably have fibers on it afterwards. It got slippery when I was using it and fell out of my hand and on the carpet and that spot on the floor where it landed was probably the 50% cleaner than the rest after I picked it up. Things just cling to it and it can be hard to get it off even when cleaning so be careful where you lay it down. It's a hefty girl so it should be more than able to accommodate big guys but as I am on the smaller side and tore it so early... it might not last too long. I definitely recommend this if you are sensitive and looking for a nice, soft onahole that you can spend some time with. If you aren't sensitive then you might want to avoid this.

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  • | 3/20/2023

    Absolute favorite

    It's very soft but still quite detailed. It feels like being wrapped in a fluffy kitsune tail. I hope they never stop making this toy; it was my first one and still by far my favorite!

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  • | 10/30/2022

    It's OK for the right people

    Fantastic baby has other kitsune-themed holes if anyone is interested, some of which are decent. This one is...OK. I bought it to replace an aging Kunoichi soft expecting gentle sensations and it did do as advertised. The main downside is its narrow entryway, which split after a few uses despite being careful. Material is great and I would recommend it to brothers with more reasonably sized dongers.

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