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otonaJP UV-C Onahole Warmer

Onahole Warmer by otonaJP
Maker otonaJP
Length/Height 210mm / 8.27in
Release Feb 10, 2023
Product Type Onahole Warmer
The otonaJP UV-C Warmer is in many ways not a regular Onahole warmer. It comes with built-in UV-C technology which kills bacteria and with 210mm / 8.27in, it’s about 30% longer than regular warmers. Perfect not only for Onaholes but also for Hips and Love Dolls with long internals.


Step 1: Connect the otonaJP UV-C Warmer to a USB power source and insert it carefully inside your Onahole, Masturbator or Love Doll.

Step 2: After 5 minutes the red light will turn green, this shows you that the heating process is complete. If you like to have it even warmer, you can add 2 to 3 minutes to the process. (Don’t leave it inside for more than 10 minutes to avoid overheating)

Step 3: Take out the UV-C Warmer, unplug it from it’s USB power source and ENJOY!
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/11/2023

    Very useful, but different toys may need longer than instructed.

    This warmer is my first onahole warmer, and I'm impressed with the results. Unlike some onahole warmers you'll find, this one features UV light at the tip, which is meant to destroy bacteria. I cannot speak to the strength at which this warmer accomplishes this, but I can say that I smelled A BIT of ozone before I inserted it into the onahole, so it seems to be doing the trick. I will say that this warmer LOOKS cheaper than some other warmers you can find on here, and the length of the cable doesn't allow for too much freedom in placement while you wait, but it's worth every bit of money you spend on it, in my opinion. I do feel that this warmer doesn't REPLACE the old trick of warming your onahole in hot water for 5 minutes, but that requires time to warm the water, a sizable pot, the usage of the stove, you get the idea. It's a lot of fucking around and then you have to deal with wet silicone which can be a bit annoying when going at it. This warmer provides enough warmth that your initial penetration is both pleasurable and comfortable. I will say that the instructions give you the idea that it'll heat your onahole in less than 10 minutes. This wasn't the case for my onahole, but the one I bought is a bit bigger, so I cannot necessarily fault OtonaJP. Bigger onaholes, and perhaps those made of slightly different material that can be more energy-absorbing, will need a longer time before the green light appears, and you might want to leave it on for the extra 2-3 minutes before immediately using the onahole. Worth the money.

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