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Tokimeki Delusion Reality Seven

Hip Onahole by Love Factor
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Get ready for this huge torso ! 380mm long and 4000 Grams of weight are waiting for you. The double layer structure inside feels scary real and the entrance recreates a nice young and tight pussy. The breasts with its big nipples are inviting you to play with them. The center of this torso is made with a special material which will make it feel realy and life like. It seems as Love Factor is setting a new benchmark in this size and weight class with Tokimeki Delusion Reality Seven. Truly amazing !

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 April 22
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 4000 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 380x235x138mm

Maker: Love FactorProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

5 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/2/2018

    Just the right size Super delicious

    Quit thinking about it and just buy one. I love it so much more than my Monster Wet Kiwami that I went ahead and tossed the Monster Wet Kiwami in the garbage. Yes it's that much better and my Monster Wet Kiwami was tearing at both holes anyway. It's so nice to have the waist and tits to grab on to. It's big enough to have a great time with in many positions, but not so big that you need a hoist to move it around. I bought a microfiber pillow case cover and a clear plastic Hefty storage box to store it in. Fits under the bed. But for now because it's Summer here and 90° F outside, I store it out in the garage. That way it's warm and ready when I'm in the mood. I was very hesitant to spend the money on this toy. One can buy a small collection of sleeves and even add a hip for the same outlay. But goodness gracious! What a delightful experience she is. Physically she resembles a scaled doll without limbs or head, just the sexy parts. This makes for easier storage and handling, without detracting from the experience of a full-body contact. She is no lightweight, and takes a good deal of upper body gymnastics to manipulate her in cowgirl, but the reward is glorious! Her weight on your body leaves little to the imagination. When you lay her down on the bed and enter her from the front or the rear, it is near impossible to hold back. She just demands your orgasm and offers no apology. Warming her is easy if you have the patience and an electric blanket. What a wonderful thing to wake up to in the morning when Sammy is aroused and lustfully looking for some action. I use either Pussy Juicy Lotion or Meiki Bliss to make her slippery and heavenly. Of course, cleanup is another chapter and a chore, but really easy when sharing a bathtub soak. On the less than positive side, I would say her vaginal and anal textures are quite subtle, Make no mistake, she is delightfully tight but I would have preferred more complex and textured tunnels for the added sensation and pleasure. Bottom line, she is a luxurious sex toy and I think will last a very long time.

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  • | 10/7/2016

    Awesome product!

    This product is very good overall, it is soft, it's easy to clean and both holes are good

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  • | 10/2/2016

    Lots of fun, pretty durable

    Been using for months regularly now and can say this is an awesome hip to invest in. My only complaint would be that the breasts were "off" in how they felt. Seemed like the softer gel compressed or something during shipping and are not as plump as they appear in the pictures. Both entrances feel great though and the size of this doll is also satisfying.

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  • | 9/27/2016

    Absolutely amazing body. Few technicality.

    So I had a torso before from another site, and I was more amazed with this one. Both holes are good enough to the point you want to switch back and forth to each one and the breast is very soft. I agree with the other review with the firm butt and small breast to work with, but it was way better toy than the other toys that had to offer. - It floats in the bathtub even though it is 8.81... Pounds! - You get a workout using it. (which isn't really a bad thing in my opinion) - Easy to clean but if you are going to get the excess water out, you are probably going to have to use your mouth. Fun! - Soft skin and when wet, it feels really smooth. Some things I noticed that isn't really a con for me, but for you: - A slight difference of breast size. Right side was slightly bigger than left side. - Powdery plastic smell when you first get the toy. Easy to get rid of it, by wash it with a strong shampoo scent. - Manufacturing of the first hole teared a little bit from the top hole, which I'm not complaining because it gives me a bigger opening, but you want the toy as good as it can be- not have to deal with tiny little technicality. The value and price is much better in my opinion, because I've seen more expensive ones that isn't better than this toy. Quality could be a bit better.

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  • | 5/22/2016

    Good product, but at the listed price, some things missing/to ask more of.

    Few things I'm tick off about. First the size of the nipples and breast looks bigger in the ad picture than in real life. It's also not as soft as I would have liked, it's closer to hard-firm than it is soft-firm. The sensation for both holes is pretty good and easy to penetrate, love the design and placement. Front, back, top or bottom, it's comfortable to attack either hole. It does have 'that' smell and if you own one of those onaholes you know what I'm talking about. It's not strong nor is it horrible, but it's enough that you might be reluctant to do anything involving your tongue. Lol. The breast like I mentioned is smaller than advertised so boobjob or boob play will not be fully enjoyable although still possible. The ass although hard-firm, is big enough to slap or grab. I still would've liked it to be softer though >:(. This torso is pretty heavy, it's good when your using it but it feels like I just ran a very very long sprint after I finished cleaning this thing. You definitely want to get some cleaning tools to make it easier, particularly a basin and a water pump/spray of some kind unless your comfortable having this thing flopping around your dirty sink or bathtub and have an adequate extension for your faucet/shower. Overall, it was a good buy, but at the price listed you cant help but want more out of it.

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